Sunday , August 1 2021

Look at the man named Ahok, Indro Warkop: Honor, this is honesty

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Comedian Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro, Indro Warkop, told his story to watch Ahok's premiere "> A Man Called Ahok.

Ahok's movie> A man named Ahok will be released on November 8 in all Indonesian theaters.

Do not wait for the Ahok movie "A Man Called Ahok tells Basuk about Tjahaja Purnama or who is known as Ahok in the political world.

Ahok's movie> A man named Ahok presents a true story of DKI Jakarta's former governor's life.

Without a reason, director Putrama Tuta decided to make a movie based on a novel with a similar title.

According to him, Ahok's family's life story is a very inspirational film.

Launching an Instagram account at @indrowarkop_asli, Indro Warkop told me that he honored the movie Ahok & # 39; A Man Called Ahok.

Indro Warkop also reported that he then spent time watching Ahok's movie> A Man Called Ahok after work.

"Honoring the Ahok movie" a man named Ahok, "Indro Warkop said.

"The opportunity to go to work went to look at the premiere," he continued.

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