On Monday, there are identified passengers


JAKARTA – Sukramo Police Service Kramat Jati, the Jakarta Detective Victims Identity Group (DVI), said that the PK-LQP aircraft in the Lion Airplanes had not been injured on Sunday (11/11).

"On Sunday, 11 November 2018, at 11 am, there are no identified passengers at the hospital in Bhayangkaran TK I Soekanto," said DVI team commander Lisda's cancer police commissioner Suknan College of Police in Jakarta on Sunday (11/11) at midday.

Commissioner Lisda hopes that Monday will be a new name for identified Lion Air JT 610 passengers. Until now, the JT-610 has 79 Lion Air passengers, including 59 men and 20 women.

Victims of Lion Air JT-610 collision in Tanjung Karawang waters were suspended on Wednesday (10/11).

Until the search was stopped, a joint search and assistance team had found 196 bags. Officially, the number of passengers and crew was 189.

However, the national police department still tries to identify the bodies received. A total of 666 DNA samples were taken from the body received by the Kramat Jati police department.

Former Sukhan Kramat Jati Police College DVI Group in East Jakarta once again identified two passengers on Lion Air JT-610 traffic in Tanjung Karawang's West Java area.

"On the 13th, Saturday (10/11) results of the coordination study, two Lion Air JT-610 passengers were identified," says Dr. Sukanto Sr. Deputy Director of the National Police Center. kom. Dr. Haryanto. First, passengers in the name of Rifandi Pranata, a 28-year-old male identified through DNA.

The other is passenger Joyon Nuroson, a 50-year-old male who is identified through DNA.

The DVI Group immediately sends two bodies to the family today at the police station Dr. Sukanto Keramat Jati, Jakarta.

"Directly posted, waiting for a family that has not arrived," continues Haryanto. So far, the Lion Air JT-610 passengers identified so far are 79, of which 59 are male and 20 are women. pin / P-5


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