Wednesday , April 14 2021

PDIP is not happy that King Jokowi is the crown

Poster Candidate to President Joko Widody, who carries the king's crown. (Credit: freedom)

Jakarta ( – Presidential candidates (candidate) number 01 Joko Widodo or Jokowi, with the PDI-P party symbol in Banyumas, Central Java. In the poster Jokowi dresses in the king's crown.

Similarly, PDA-P DPP President Andreas Hugo Pareira stressed that the poster was not officially a PDU from Perjuangan. But Jokow's opponents in the 2019 presidential election.

"Apparently, this campaign tool came from" anti Jokowi President "." This is a negative campaigning that Jokow's opponents developed to reduce Jokow's good image, "Andreas said on Monday (11.11.2018).

Andreas considered that the poster came from the "anti Jokowi President" group that was unable to compete by showing a positive self-image to compete with the former DKI Jakarta governor. To try to make a negative image.

"Visual aids to the public are described as Jokowi is the King's crown, Jokow's real self, a hard worker and a populist," he said.

PDI Perjuangan, he said, also removed all these features. "The measures are a removal," he said.

It is known that local PDIP cadmium has removed the declaration of Joko Widody's presidential candidate in Banyumas. The poster has a picture of Jokow with a crown. According to them, the poster was not clear and PDIP did not install it.

Budan Setiawan's chairman Banyumas PDIP DPC said that the removal of the Jokow presidential election had been carried out on Sunday (11/11). Posters are distributed in almost every village and in the urban area of ​​Banyumas.

"We sent cadres to a branch to clean posters. Banyumas is clean today," Budhi said on Monday (12/11) in the afternoon.

Source: Freedom

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