Monday , March 8 2021

President of Northern Tapanuli Physical Planning in the Neighborhood

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President of Faction PDIP The North Tapanuli Regency DPRD, Hulman Nababan, had to go to the hospital because his neighbor, Rommel Parulu Lumbantoruan, was forced to stagger. This event was due to the fact that the offender was injured by the words of the victim when they both ate Warung Tuak from Jalan Sadar, Siborongborong Market, Siborongborong District, North Tapanul (Taput).

North Tapan Police Chief AKBP Horas Marisi Silaen explained the launch because Hulman put an illegal factor. Both are neighbors and live far from Lapo Tuak.

"So one week before the blow, the event, the victims and the authors have been drinking in Lapo Tuak until midnight," Horas told reporters on Friday (9/11).

When drinking Tuak, suddenly Rommel Parulian's wife came and told Rommel to go home. Hulman even believed him. An intellectual was injured by the words of Hulman who urged him to follow his wife's invitation home.

Horas added on Wednesday (7/11) at 9.10 am, suspect crossed in front of the victim's house. At that time, the author saw Hulman Nababan and said dirty. The prosecution also called on the victims to fight. Hulman Nababan's invitation was welcome, so the battle broke out.

As a result, Hulman brought the model and Rommel Parulian carried a long knife. In the battle Hulman's machete escaped from the handle and landed in the pit.

"In the fall, Rommel used the opportunity to shoot Hulman's stomach four times in the stomach. Residents who saw the incident immediately disbanded these two other victims into the hospital," he explained.

Hulman was critical because he suffered from wounds. The threat was evacuated immediately to the Tarutung Hospital. Rommel Parulian has been secured at the Siborong-Borong police station.

"From the police station, there were 1 mache that measures 1 m, 1 machete 80 cm and 1 iron wire black, about 2 m in size," Horas explained.

He said that the police in Taput has now taken the matter. The victim's condition begins to recover. Although the offender must be responsible for his actions and the police's further investigation.

"We have secured the factors and things that are believed to be relevant to the matter," he explained.

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