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Prevent diabetes by doing the following tips, reducing the foods that are often used

SRIPOKU.COM – Everyone has to be feared if he has diabetes.

Not infrequently fears that are not in reality balanced with consciousness living a healthy life.

There are some tips that can be made to prevent diabetes, all starting to live a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of healthy lifestyle? Adjust consumed food that is healthy, combined with water and sports consumption.

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Image of drinking water
Image of Drinking Water (Jogja Tribune)

"Do not be too sweet, anyway, use healthy food, sometimes I do not eat fried foods that are gobbling oil, but it's a sweet food, it's just the same," said the doctor. Grace Josel's event on the importance of sport in central Jakarta. Thursday (08/11).

Also, try to consume balanced foods and fresh foods.

"A balanced diet, not fast food, always use fresh food, which means food that if we do not eat it in 3 hours, it's not good," added the doctor. Grace Joselini.

Then start adjusting the time of eating, spending plenty of vegetables and fruits and not eating too much fried food.

Baked Food (Tribune Jogja)

In addition, it needs to be balanced with physical activity, a lot of effort to move.

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"It's a lot to eat vegetables, fruit and exercise, if we want our metabolism to be better, it must be with the movement, we must be in the exercise.

Like exercise. As the problem actually consumes a lot, but first stood, it was not in motion. It's not in balance, "said Dr. Grace Joselini.

According to Dr. Armo, about the portion of food, it is okay because the most important thing is food choice and food handling.

"So, are selected more food. Sometimes people eat their food. I do not agree, I agree that eating can still be a part of than ordinary, just the fact that food and boiled formula should be treated," says Dr. Grace Joselini (*)

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Easy tips that can be made to prevent diabetes

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