Tuesday , April 20 2021

Scientists investigate the genetic relationship between obesity and depression

The effect of genetic relationships is stronger in women than in men.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Overweight can cause depression, the researchers said. Overweight can affect the person's psychological state according to reports The Guardian which was launched on Wednesday (11/14).

Previous research showed that overweight people experience depression. But not yet clear, depression promotes body weight changes or vice versa.

In larger similar studies, experts say that they have a large BMI-induced genetic modification, causing depression and the effect is more pronounced in women than in men. They also say that research shows that this affects their body image.

"Overweight people feel depressed, and this is at least a part of the BMI's reciprocal effect on depression," says researchers from prof. Tim Frayling's Exeter Medical School.

In an article published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, researchers from the United Kingdom and Australia explained how they used data from the British biobank survey involving 500,000 37-73 years of age, hired in 2006-2010.

The researchers were familiar with 72 high-BMI related genetic variants that were also associated with various high-risk diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. They also looked at 14 genetic variants associated with high fat percentages but were associated with a lower risk of these health problems.

The first group may be associated with depression through biological or psychological mechanisms. The second group is expected to be only a psychological effect.

Overall, the team found that people with high BMI are likely to have experienced depression. By focusing on the 73 genetic variants and taking into account their age and sex, they found that each 4.7 weight gain in the body index, the chance of depression increased by 18 percent as a whole and 23 percent among women.

When a research group collected data from various sources, they found 14 gene variants that increase body fat but did not associate with metabolic health problems, including an increase in depression.

"This shows that the psychological component is as strong as any physiological component if (last) exists," says Frayling, which shows the mechanism of a functioning poor body image.

Naveed Sattar, professor of medical medicine at Glasgow University, is pleased with the research. "These new discoveries may be the strongest evidence to date that overweight can actually affect depression, of course, many other factors can cause depression, but even weight loss can help improve mental health in some individuals." Someone slim will usually help reduce the chance of depression, "he said.

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