Tuesday , April 20 2021

airline calls are recorded

The phone calls to air traffic controllers were short, almost confused: "It came to my left and then quickly turned north," said British Airways pilot.

He flew Boeing 737 flight 94 from Montreal to London on Friday 9 November.

"Is there a military exercise," he asks.

Shannon air traffic controllers were astonished: "There is nothing visible at the primary or secondary station (radar)."

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"Okay," the British Airways pilot replied. (It) traveled so fast – in fact you can no longer see it. I just wondered. We do not think it was likely to be a collision course, but I just wondered what it might have been.

"It was so bright and then it disappears at a very fast speed …

But soon became apparent that he was not the only one who saw something strange morning.

Two other pilots were sent to the observations in the following minutes.

Virgin Airlines Flight 76 from Orlando to Manhattan was cut off confirming that he had also seen something "meteor or other object that did something to re-appear." There appear to be several objects that followed a similar trajectory, they were very bright where we were … two bright lights , which seemed to fall to the right and go up from at least our perspective. "

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One pilot added that the speed of the objects looked like "astronomy, it was like Mach 2 (2500km / h)".

"It was not just me," the other pilot pointed out.

This exchange ended.

The Irish Aeronautical Authority (IAA) reports that it is investigating reports of "unusual air operations".

"Following the following reports of small aircraft on Friday 9 November, IAA has provided a report for unusual air operations," the Irish Aviation Authority said.

"This report is being investigated in the process of investigating normal confidences."

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