Wednesday , March 3 2021

Emily Blunt is Vogue's cover of Mary Poppins and is virtually perfect in every way

Fans like it.

Emily Blunt is on the cover of the American December issue fashion – Dressed in none other than Mary Poppins.

Devil Wears Prada the actor is taking the iconic role Mary Poppins Returns, due to cinemas in Ireland in December.

The cover image depicted by Annie Leibovitz shows Blunt's red Dior composition: a fitted blazer and a full tulle skirt.

And of course an open umbrella by London Undercover and Poppins' beloved hat.

Photographs followed a profound interview in which the actress talked about her upcoming role as a beloved grandson.

In an interview, Blunt talked about how he judges Mary Poppins as a "super hero".

He said:

"You could say that he is a kind of angel who recognizes what people need, and he gives them, but they come up with something in the process.

"I do not think he takes care of what he has, there is no one else he likes."

He also admitted that he did not watch a classical movie before the movie began – because he did not want it to play him for the role.

He added:

"I knew that if I looked at Julie Andrews's version, maybe I would take away what my instincts told me to do.

"Nor did I want to completely frighten her voice of splendor."

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