Wednesday , June 16 2021

Garda is guilty of having pictures of children in sexual activity

Joseph O'Connor had pleaded guilty. Photo: Collins Courts
Joseph O'Connor had pleaded guilty. Photo: Collins Courts

The jury has condemned Gardan for having pictures and videos of children suffering from sexual acts.

Joseph O'Connor (58), Dublin County, had pleaded guilty to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court event for five children from child pornography at home between July 30 and August 2, 2011.

During her search for a home, Gardai investigated other allegations grasping her laptop and found videos of her "recycle bin" image under 10 years old being subjected to sexual acts.

Two videos depicted sexual acts of under 17 years with a man.

There were also copies of 16 pictures of children exposed to sexual exposure or sexual activity.


After a little over two hours of discussion, the jury returned to unanimous guilty verdicts for four reasons.

O & # 39; Connor was released from a single number that handled 56 duplicates of two images. However, he was accused of having the original images that were found in a computer package named "Spanked Boys".

He was also convicted of having 15 explicit videos of the child's sex, and he had 56 pictures and 42 videos with sexual sex works and 41 sexually exposed images.

Defending Paul Carroll SC said O & # 39; Connor was a long-term Garda and he was suspended when these things rose.

He asked for time so that his clients could gather reports on the hearing.

Judge Elma Sheah reminded O & # 39; Connor to continue the warranty next Monday.

Following his arrest, O & # 39; Connor told Guardai that he had never seen the material before and said someone else had downloaded the files.

He said he believed that Patryk Farrell, who came home at a sexual date before confiscating a laptop, had damaged his computer.

After the end of the state case, Alice Fawsitt SC told the jury that no virus infection was detected on the laptop computer, and no evidence that it happened on the weekend before its seizure.

Carroll said his client told Gardai that hundreds of men had returned home to sex and that each of them could freely use their laptop computer.

The lawyer said that when they met sex at O'Connor's home, Mr Farrell wrote to O & # 39; Connor and told him that he was depressed and that he was going to Gardai and "ruin him".

Connor went to Gardai to tell Mr Farrell that he had stolen his Garda badge, handcuffs and cash in his home.


In legal arguments in the absence of a judge, the court heard that Gardai went to O & # 39; Connor's home in August 2011 to investigate Farrell's allegations of an attack.

They took a laptop in connection with this investigation and then found illegal images.

The judge was informed that Farrell's allegations were also sent to the Garda Ombudsman, but Farrell did not cooperate with this investigation and was dropped.

The jury also learned that researcher Colm Fox, who died at the time, said the allegations of counterfeiting, rape or sexual violence were unjustified.

Insp Fox reported in his report that Farrell, who is also dead, alleged injuries were the consequences of sexual acts.

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