Holly Willoughby says he just keeps "I'm Celebrity" until Ant McPartlin is ready to go back


Earlier this year, it was announced that Holly Willoughby will join this series I'm a celebrity alongside Declan Donnelly, while Ant McPartlin is still concentrating on recovery. But in a new interview Sun, This morning the rapporteur stressed that he did not have a means in the long run. Holly Willoughby said he was just a host I'm a celebrity… Get me out of here! until his close friend McPartlin is ready to take the lures back and add that the reception of the job announcement was low.

Willoughby was unveiled McPartlinin stand-in August, when he said in a statement: "To be honest, I'm a big fan of I'm a celebrity and really feel that I have won a competition to go and hang out with your favorite showni. "The news came when McPartlin declared that he will not return to the TV until 2019, and explains:" My recovery is going well and that will continue to speak to December and ITV cent, I have decided to take a whole year off. " Sun, Willoughby clarifies that he will be rid of the show as soon as McPartlin makes the TV return. "I'm just going to take care of it until she gets back," he said. "It's wonderful that he trusts me with it."

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The TV host, who has been an Ant and a 15-year-old with friends, told the paper that recruitment was "totally unexpected" – and he had a considerable amount of emotional luggage as he was in contact with McPartlin. "You really did not want to be involved in acting, it's weird," he said. McPartlin, he added, "probably" follows the show from home.

But his friendship with TV-Duo also offers significant benefits, Willoughby said: instant-screen chemistry. "It's a lot easier if you work with someone who's a friend," he explained. "When you really get to the screen, it works, it's not surprising."

You also remember that when McPartlin's stand-in news was announced, Willoughby was the head of a clearly misogynistic counterattack; In particular, he was hired to accept work that could separate him from his three children. Of course, this review was sexist nonsense – and in fact inaudible to start when the rapporteur had already revealed that he would have traveled to Australia with his children and husband Dan Baldwin.

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In his interview Sun, Willoughby explains what he plans for 9-year-old Harry, 7-year-old Bell and 4-year-old Chester. "Kids have a teacher there, they have a lot to do," he said. "I've talked about our teachers, children are like," what do you mean, we're not on vacation? "" The school for children was understanding, he added. "The director was amazing, and if the kids could not come, it would have been a completely different ball game and I had to keep it long and hard."

2018 series I'm a celebrity will be premiered on Sunday November 18th Radio Times – and the most recent rapporteur is so concerned about it. "It's scary," Willoughby said. "I've always liked the show as a spectator, and it is responsible for."

"I want to go in and the audience really enjoy it."


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