Friday , March 5 2021

"I would go to jail," says doc

Dr. Maeve White believes that HSE will pay EUR 150. Photo by Frank McGrath / Irish Independent
Dr. Maeve White believes that HSE will pay EUR 150. Photo by Frank McGrath / Irish Independent

The doctor has said he would be ready to go to jail instead of paying 150 euros for parking in a disability during his job and argued that HSE was "forced" to do so.

Dr Maeve White, a Dublin doctor in the south, said he had no choice but to stay outside the health center.

He said that the permanent parking option in the area meant that disabled facilities were his only option and he was under obligation to treat his patients.

"I will never pay this fine," she told the Dun Laoghaire District Court.

Judge Anne Watkin ordered fines and warned that he would be put to jail if he did not pay for it.


Dr White, Brookvale Road, Rathfarnham, accused of being illegally parked in disability.

The court heard the offense occurred at St Brigid's Church Road, Stillorgan, at 14.10 on 26 February.

Dr. White stopped his car outside of the Stillorgan Health Center, where he had to undergo the afternoon's clinic and claimed that he would not find legal parking.

"I was consciously with disabilities to park mode, so I'm to blame, yes," Dr. White told the judge.

"The situation is that my employer, HSE, forced me to park there. The only option is to drive away."

The judge replied, "No one forced you, did they have guns on your head?"

Judge Watkin appreciated that the doctor was "between stone and hard spot". He said he was "lucky" because the fine did not rise and was 150 euros.

If it happened again, he said it would be £ 250.

"I will never pay this fine," said Dr. White, to which the judge replied, "I do not have to hear that you will not judge the court."

Dr White told the court that HSE had "misused" her.

The judge, however, told him: "This is not the place to start your perception with other people, this is the court."

Dr. White stated that he believed that HSE was responsible for paying the fine, but had refused. He said that Stillorgan's health center had no parking facilities for staff or patients, and disabled facilities were seldom used.

He had heavy equipment as well as knee surgery during the last month.

"I came across the problem: could I break the law and park the disabled in a parking lot and do a clinic, or should I drive and give up on children to meet with parents needing to work to work there?" he said.

"I decided to put the patients first and parked in space."

The HSE spokesman said he could not comment on a single case.

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