JK Rowling claims he had beaten € 24,000 from the assistant


It is alleged that Rowling's assistant used more than 1,600 pounds of Starbucks writer funds and 1,400 pounds in luxury candles.

Harry Potter creator JK Rowling challenges his former PA $ 24,000 ($ 43,442). To find Correspondence of Harry Potter, it's a little such as how Peter Pettigrew betrayed his high school friends to Voldermort.

According to a legal requirement, Amanda Donaldson misused her access to Rowling's business card and stolen a lot HP-marked goods. According to the BBC, Donaldson worked in Rowling from February 2014 and April 2017 before being dismissed from abuse – claims Donaldson to deny.

Break it down a Harry Potter analogy, it's like when … um … Hermoine, Ron and Harry steal haircuts in the Secrets chamber for their polyjuice drink unless someone else is claimed to be purely financial and not physical. Okay, that's it loosely similar, but just trying to help HP fans will understand this non-HP event.

According to the documents in the case, Donaldson used Rowling's business card for personal use. When the differences began to appear, he met the accountant and then ignited it. A Harry Potter as a counterpart, Gilderoy Lockheart was also dismissed for his work. Hopefully this will help!

In any case, it is claimed that Donaldson spent a lot of money, including £ 1,482 in luxury candles, € 3,629 in cosmetics, £ 2,138 in a card store, and £ 1,650 in Starbucks. Rowling also claims that Donaldson bought two cats that cost £ 1,200 – cats are animals that are licensed pets at Hogwarts, a school sponsored by Harry Potter and his friends Harry Potter series. It is unclear that these two are currently in contact with each other.

Finally, Donaldson is accused of having a safe sum of Rewling, which is apparently not as guarded as Gringotts, to have replied to 7 742 pounds of foreign money. Perhaps Rowling was too embarrassed to post-hoc by adding representation to Harry Potter's universe to find out.

The case will continue in court later this year – we will be more enthusiastic as Rita Skeeter chases Lede.


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