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Impact: It is 85mm longer than its predecessor, 74mm wider and 13mm longer
Impact: It is 85mm longer than its predecessor, 74mm wider and 13mm longer

Nothing comes closer to instant glamor than running a running open car, so is it a miracle that car manufacturers are attracting us a bit of athletic numbers? BMW's classic two-seater, the Z4, is one of the best-seen roadblocks. But gorgeous as it looks, the Z4 has never had the same attraction behind the wheel as some competitors, especially the Porsche two-seater coupe, Boxster.

BMW recently revealed the third generation of Z4. The car has been developed with Toyota, but sharing the same technology as the Toyota Supra, the BMW Z4 brings fresh design and BMW driving pleasure. The retractable hard fixing option for this new version has been rejected for an electrically functioning soft head. Easy to use, it opens and closes after 10 seconds and decisively in those abrupt landing locations at up to 50 km.

The new car is immediately identified as BMW, but it is longer, wider and heavier than it used to be, with new design features such as a new eye-shaping BMW kidney grid and vertical LED light units. Inside the Z4 is the driver's focus, but like most roadstars, it's comfortable in the cabin and you're struggling to find places to store smart phones and drinks. The good news is that there is plenty of space on the platform; well over 281 liters, whether or not the soft opening is open or close and is more than 50 pce compared to the outgoing model.

The new roadster will be launched in Ireland in March with three gasoline engines. The Z4 M40i's top six units are 340 horsepower. The other engines are 30i and 20i with four cylinders, all connected to eight speed steptronic automatic gearboxes.

The M40i model we drive can run from zero to 100 km for 4.6 seconds and its fuel consumption is 7.29 l of 100 km and 165 g / km of CO2 emissions.

Press the start button and the engine sounds strong. On the road, it has been tackled with sharp handling, but it does not actually cover bending with the desired clinical precision.

Despite the growth strategy BMW claims great weight savings from the optimal fabric only from the second version, but the M40i is heavier than its predecessor and seems to be on the road. The roof visibility is also poorly compromised.

The new Z4 sDrive20i will start at € 50,420, while the cutting edge Z4 M40i will set you back at € 73,230. It has two trimmings; Sport and M Sport, in addition to the M Performance.

The Sport model features high-gloss black design elements on the front and behind the apron, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The M-Sport has a three-piece air front opening, a visible side-tooth design, a rear apron with a distinctive sidewall and 18-inch M-alloy wheels.

The BMW Z4 is a desirable car, great looking and fun to ride but unfortunately the two-way roadblocks are not practical and are usually expensive – and not as sharp as some competitors.

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