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Sexist who raped a 13-year-old girl in a 17-year-old burial ground

Patrick Whacker O & # 39; Dean filename from Limerick Photograph Press 22
Patrick Whacker O & # 39; Dean filename from Limerick Photograph Press 22
Leona O Callaghan (37) Speaks to the Media outside the Dublin National Bank Photo by Laura Hutton / Collins Photo Agency

The man was imprisoned for 17 years after he raped a 13-year-old girl at the burial ground and continued sexual contact with him by manipulating him and isolating him from his friends.

Patrick O "Dea (51), also known as" Whacker ", from Pike Avenu, Limerick, blamed his guilt on the second day of the trial of the Central Criminal Tribunal for the prosecution of sexual assault and rape in 1994 and 1995.

Leona O Callaghan abandoned her anonymity, so O & # 39; Dea could be named by announcing it.

The court heard that in the first case against rape, O & Callaghan sat in the freezing area in his bedroom to help stop bleeding and swelling.

O 'Dea met him a couple of days later and pulled him out of his friends. He complained that he had his blood on his jacket, and he said he had fallen dry.

O Callaghan later recalled that he told him that he was blood because he was a virgin and he promised that it would not be harmed next time. He told her that "virginity was a wall" and that the bleeding had "crushed the wall".

The victim of the report, Leona O Callaghan, who has founded the Survivors Support Anonymus service, helps people who have been subjected to abuse. Photo of Liam Burke Press 22

Dea has 42 previous judgments, including 15 years of punishment for one girl's rape and sexual assault during the six-year period 1998-2004.

Today, Justice Deirdre Murphy ordered O & # 39; Deage 18 and a half years. He interrupted the last 18 months in recognition of the guilt of his guilt and his willingness to participate in psychological evaluation.

The assessment puts O & # 39; Dea for the overwhelming threat of sexual offense, and he says he does not have a real understanding of the damage he has caused for the aforementioned crimes.

Justice Murphy interrupted 18 months, subject to O & # 39; Dea being engaged in a sex offending "Building Better Lives" program. He placed O & # 39; Dea after three years of release.

The judge said O & # 39; Dea was isolating and manipulating the victim. He said that his abuse has made tremendous harm to his psyche.

Garda Barry Manton told Garnet Orange SC accusing O & # 39; Dea came into contact with Callaghan when he was hanging out with his older sister and girlfriends in Garryowen's Limerick area.

O & # 39; Callaghan later told the Garda that O & # 39; Dea "caught up in the group," and began focusing on him, paying particular attention. He started sexually assaulting in a local waste man where he touched his breast by kissing him.

He told him that he had wanted to "touch them for a long time".

O & # 39; Dea sexually abused Ms O & # 39; Callaghan the same way before she began to see that they could be seen together and suggested they meet at the local burial ground.

Gda Manton said at Halloween in 1994 he asked him to perform oral sex for him. He tried to do it, but he stopped and refused to do it again. O Dea crashed.

He then raped him to the burial ground when he was coated under the tree and told him that he was lying on it.

He tried to get back, but he grabbed his hands and he went on to say he did not want to.

He was frightened when he saw the bleeding that was when he got the ice.

O 'Dea had once again become involved with her. At one time, her sister became aware that they were gathering, so she suggested that they meet in the storehouse behind her mother.

He had sex with him after he was dressed on the mattress.

Gda Manton said in 1996 O & # 39; Dea told O & # 39; Callaghan that he wanted to see what sex was in bed.

Then she got involved with her in the bedroom while her mother was in the living room. This was the last time.

Gda Manton said O & Callaghan told the teacher what had happened and his parents were contacted.

ODA has 42 previous judgments, including 15 years of punishment for multiple rapes and sexual assaults, with two complaints over a six-year period 1998-2004.

Paddy McGrath SC defended his defense and asked Murphy to accept his client's guilty guilt as evidence of his reproach, "accepting his wrongdoing".

He said O & # 39; Dean felt he was not physically or emotionally wrong to the victim, but admitted that his behavior was "completely inappropriate and exploitative."

McGrath reported that his client grew up in Limerick and that he was always small, possibly due to an appetite.

Picture of Patrick & # 39; Whacker & # 39; About Deasta Limerick Photograph Press 22

O Callaghan talked to Dean when he read the victim's gunshot in court.

He said O 'Dea was the first man to tell him that he loved him and said he manipulated him to believe the "disgusting things you did to me, you did about love".

"This forever confused my mind and a lover of my beloved version of pain remained in my life long after you left it," Callaghan said.

When he first talked about the fact that he forced his gender to him, O Callaghan said, "When I used my little innocent body to satisfy your own needs, you sent me home to bleeding, sore, confused, ashamed, traumatized and mysterious."

He was talking about sitting in an ice cold in his attic bedroom to help swell and "the extreme pain I was in."

"The memory that sat quietly in the blood vessel, thinking if the bleeding never stopped was one of the most difficult memories you gave me," Callaghan said.

He said the worst damage done by O & # 39; Dean was not his body, but in his opinion.

"In order to get me to a place where I find your dirty secrets, isolate me from the people I loved and remembered in a way I still do not understand. You have alienated my friend telling them they all say bad things about me when my back turned."

"Today I cover this mask of life only from me and you know." The voice might tremble, but stand here, revealing the secret that you had to me and hating myself. "The damage you did to me hurt me."

"" You were not just there in the dark scary cemetery that penetrated my body, you were also there in the mirror when I was looking at myself. "I hated myself and the dirty person you made me feel that was nobody cared about" Callaghan said.

He talked about suicide attempts and how he had hurt himself over the years.

"You were there in your mind each time I took the blade to hurt my body and cut myself hundreds of times to punish myself for a terrible person.

"You were there in my mind in three situations when I cut my wrist and took the tablets after the tablet when I was trying to die and finally finish all of this. One of these times was at the cemetery where I raped you for the first time.

"I wanted all the pains to end, where the pain began. My sister found me eight hours later with the overdose that were still in the burial ground that prayed to God to take me to the pain I was in.

"You were there in my thoughts a year later when I jumped into the river, my body tugged down the nets and currents when I tried to overwhelm the memories that had been embedded in my brain. I wrote a letter to you that day just before I jumped to say you win and give it away."

O & # 39; Callaghan also talked about how misuse caused him trouble in his later relationships with his partners and his children.

"You were there in my mind when I thought of saying anything sexual is not even an option, I wanted or did not.

"I was there between the sheets when my skin often crawled when my husband tried to touch me, be intimate or love me.When I succeeded in overcoming this and trying to be a normal woman and I was intimate, were there the next day when I felt dirty Riga and felt unjustified hatred to my husband .

"I often wonder what kind of mother I would be and what kind of childhood my children would have been if you had not raped, scolded, and manipulated me. My children would have been a better life if not shocked.

"If it was not for you, I'd be a better mother better to couple a better daughter a sister and a friend. Instead, I often messed up broken man, that you have done for me and is even more days than not, that I hate who I am."

O Callaghan talked about how he feels he can move forward.

"The real I am warm and caring, but you are a fighter for me, you gave me anger and anger, and sorrow and fear, isolation and shame, guilt and loneliness. Today I will give it back because it is with you.

"Only in the last two years, I have learned that it is possible to stop the pain the rest of my life without. It is a possible way to put all this behind. The way to give you back the guilt, shame, secrets, self-hatred and distrust, which should never have been mine . "

Finally, O Callaghan turned to Dean when he read the last tracks of the victim's strike announcement.

"Whacker" I am here today and reluctantly, to give you the last little power by admitting that yes you've managed to tear me and affected my life more than any other person I have ever known.

"However, I do not just behind the victim, but I am strong and friendly survivor who is trying its best to start your life that you like me for many years. I have three amazing children, I see every day

"I am proud of the fact that, in spite of you I will clear your childhood trauma hand. I got 515 points on my leaving the CAC, work up their own businesses and I am honest, loving person with integrity.

"I'm coming for my mother, whose children deserve, and my future will look brighter.

"So in a nutshell, even though I stood here with my heart in my sleeve and felt the effect that you had for me, let me be clear, you did not win."

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