United goes toe-to-toe with City, says Mourinho


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is ready to go with his toe-to-toe "untouchable" with Manchester City this past weekend in an eagerly-anticipated derby.

Pep Guardiola's Premier League awaits the Etihad Stadium on Sunday when United seems to emerge from a scary double header with another memorable victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo's magnificent volleyball was destroyed on Wednesday as Mourinho supervised the victory of the Champions League victory over the Juventus match.

Shakhtar Donetsk's defeat 6-0 stressed Sunday opposition's opposition, but life in the field is not as rosy as the city's claims that they have been trying to fool the European Football's Financial Fair Play rules.

When asked that he knew United was working on a fair playing field before the derby, Mourinho said: "I find it difficult to answer because I focused on my job, focusing on four lines.

"We're focusing on football. If you want to talk about their football power, we can talk.

"And the potential of football begins with investments, and then of course there is the quality of work and the quality of the organization, and I think this is untouchable, but what's behind it, I can not say.

"But at this moment, I just have to think about football and think football just to think of Manchester City as a football team."

The arguments for financing the city are made in the German publication Der Spiegel, referring to documents and private e-mails received from the whistle-blowing group Football Leaks.

The city has reported reports of an organized attempt to damage the club's reputation, based on 'materials that have been stolen or stolen'.

Mourinho disproved Sunday's opponents and thanked him instead for the page he hopes he can play, just as he did in Juventus and Chelsea's recent 2-2 draw.

United boss said: "We are going to try. I can not say that we succeed in our motives, we want, but we had two difficult matches against two very good teams, Chelsea and Juventus, and we managed to get good results.

"And although the good results were not in our pockets, the shows were there, there was a positive attitude there, so we're trying, but you're right, Manchester City is a very powerful team."

Yet United knows they can harm Guardiola's side when they have come back to win at the Etihad stadium in April 3-2 and delay their party.

City is sure to keep the Premier League crown, but Mourinho has not been content to fix the gap, which is already nine points.

"If we find that it's nine if we lose 12," said the United boss. "I do not think there is a way to look at the match.

"You know that we just have to think about the game, the match is difficult enough, because it's a single event, and if you want to split the match context where we are, where we can be, it becomes even more difficult.

"So I just want to play the match as a separate event: a difficult match from a very difficult team, but I do not think they think it's a match for them."

Mourinho knows, however, that they can not afford the dazzling areas that have been all recent.

He said: "If we continue to accept goals for the opponent, it will be a day when we can not go back.

So, we have to make sure we do not grow is just our approach – because I think it is clear that the team is growing – but we also have to grow our compact and start the match well. Which I have to say against Juventus, it happened. "

Romelu Lukaku left for Turin when he took the hamstring complaint in Bournemouth on the eve of the 2-1 victory, but the attacker could welcome the city.

Mourinho added, "Lukaku will train a team this morning, but we will, of course, have another session tomorrow, but if the answer is positive, he is ready, but at this moment I can only say that he is on the team, do not know his answer."


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