31 Pro-Israel student organizations urge UCLA to cancel the SJP conference


Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Thirty-nine Israeli student organizations sent a letter to the UCLA Chancellery Gene Institute and the UC's Board of Governors on 8 November, in which UCLA called for the withdrawal of the forthcoming National Judiciary Courts in Palestine (NSJP) from 16 to 18 April.

The letter states that the SJP is in breach of UCLA's "Community principles", which prohibits "discrimination, harassment, profiling or other activity that causes an individual prejudice to race, color, ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preferences, orientation, gender identity, nationality or national origin.

"Last May, UCLA was the scene of SJP violence: Jews, Kurds and Armenian students physically and verbally shared their views on campus," the letter states. "In July, the Stanford SJP activist made national headlines of violence against Israeli students, while last year SJP was suspended for two years from the University of California, the students of the Irvine Group students."

It was stated in the letter that most of the hate crimes are directed against Jews and that higher education campuses tend to have more anti-Semitic events when they have a stronger presence on campus against Zionism.

"One man, Robert Bowers, had been killed by an anti-Semitism in the 11th American Pittsburgh Synagogue simply because they were Jews," the letter states. "It is imperative that UCLA takes SJP members anti-Semitic rhetoric seriously."

Here are some examples of such rhetoric:

Among the signatories of the letter were UCLA, Columbia and Santa Monica College, UC Berkeley's Tikvah Organization and Swarthmore Students for Israel.

Los Angeles City Council has also urged UCLA to cancel the SJP conference.


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