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Old Globe's Artistic Director Barry Edelstein helming the marriage of classical music and theater L.A. Philin "Tempest"

Just a few months ago, the Old City of San Diego organized "The Tempest" production outdoors for its annual Shakespeare festival.

Now, Balboa Park has a hand on a very different, even larger scale, "Tempest", which intends to burst into the city.

Not our city, though – Los Angeles.

On Thursday, L.A. Philharmonic will open Bard's great fantasy bar for three days in the Disneys concert hall organized by artistic director Barja Edelstein of Globe's Erna Finci Viterbi.

Production is led by Susanna Mälkki, Principal of Philosophy.

Why Does a Symphony Orchestra Do Shakespeare? Since centuries the "Tempest" artistic response has been the extensive random music of Jean Sibelius, performed by a Finnish composer in 1925.

After many years of orchestras appearing in the later, most concise two-way version of music, LA Phil returns to Sibelius's original, seldom performed work and produces "The Tempest" complete production together.

Globe co-operation is a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the orchestra, from which it has gathered numerous partners.

And it does this in great style. There are two Tony Award representatives in the photos: Beth Malone (who plays Sprite Ariel), best known for Broadway's "Funny Home" and Tom McGowan (Caliban) called "La Bête".

The Israeli stage and actor Lior Ashkenazi is the role of the expelled fraternity, Prospero, in the role of Kate Burton Globe (the name of the gender exchange Prospera). Audrey Corsa plays Prospero's young daughter Miranda.

Photograph is also Grantham Coleman (Ferdinand), who took the lead role in "Hamlet" Globe in 2016; and a versatile actor in San Diego, Mark Pinter (Gonzalo), with a number of memorable translations around the city.

They include actor-scriptwriter Michael Genet Alonso; actor and actor Ruy Iskandar Sebastian; mezzo-soprano Elizabeth DeShong, who shares Ariel's role with Malone; Broadway veteran Peter MacNicol (also TV's "Ally McBeal"), which has Stephano's role with baritone Jarett Ott; baritone Timothy Mix, who shares the role of Caliban with McGowan; and film and TV star Cornell Womack Antonio.

As Edelstein explained last month when production was in practice, the Globe partnership L.A. Phil was born since the executive director of the orchestra introduced Coleman's starred 2016 "Hamlet" performance.

"Then I got a call saying," Hi, it's our 100th anniversary, and we're doing all these crazy projects. One of the things we do is this Shakespeare series, and the next one we are going to do is "Tempest". Do you want to do it? ' "

He would. Edelstein spent a year to prepare the song to guide.

It is important to note that this is not a symphonic performance marked with Shakespeare.

"We make full production of" Tempest "- the whole game," says Edelstein, a nationally known Shakespeare instructor and researcher.

"The difference is that normally, when I do with Shakespeare's production of live music, I'm a composer, I have ordered, and maybe two or three musicians.

"Here is the current score of 1925 – and 120 musicians!" (Specifically: The Orchestra has 80 musicians and 40 choirs as well as Actors and Opera singers.)

. "So it is a little different Not to mention the fact that it is done in concert halls like the theater but in a fun way the exercises, I feel like I have a lot of (normal) training -. By doing Shakespeare play, which I know how to do.

"The wild card is a collaboration with the director and the orchestra, and so far it has been a very great, educational experience for me."

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When: 8 pm Thursday friday; At 2 o'clock on Saturday.

Where: Disney Concert Hall, 111 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles

bunting: About $ 25 – $ 209

Phone: (323) 850-2000


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