Thursday , March 4 2021

Old Haredi rabbis organizations ask followers to vaccinate their children

Haredi rabbit

Haredi rabbit

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Claiming that "a person who has not been vaccinated is a murderer," a senior Harad Rabbis group issued a public letter in which the Community was ordered to immunize its child with a measles epidemic that has already led to the death of a child.

According to Rabbinical illumination, the child's immunization is compulsory under Jewish law. "Anyone who does not vaccinate is a murderer," read quotation.

"Every dad needs to ensure that his son and daughter are immunized immediately," the rabbi continued, adding that "the father has no right to block them from the vaccine, especially after recent events."

The signers were older fox authorities, such as Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, Rabbi Shimon Ba Adija, Rabbi Yisrael Rosenberg and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Lubin.

The Haredi communities in both the United States and Israel have recently been attracted to measles. The Ministry of Health reports that the number of people infected with measles in Israel is approaching 1,400 people, and more than 60% of those infected are residents of the Jerusalem area, many of whom are not vaccinated.

The onset of measles disease got its first victim when a child of 18 months died after the disease had contracted. Mom did not breathe and did not have a pulse on arrival at the hospital.

Health officials and community groups have reported relatively low vaccine rates in the orthodox neighborhood. Some people blame the false perceptions that ferocious religious Jews are protected because of the relatively isolated nature of their communities, in addition to drugs that are unjustified by the dangers of vaccination by public health officials

As a result of the concentration of the jaundice problems, the Ministry of Health aims to send specific mobile vaccine units to the Congo communities to stop the spread of the disease.

The disease is not limited to Israel. Following the outbreak of New York measles disease, the City Health Department last week sent community figures to encourage vaccination including measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) Rabbi David Niederman, President of the United Jewish Association of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn, and Rabbi Avi Greenstein, President of the Boro Park Jewish Council.

"It says in the Torah," Vishnamartem Meod L & # 39; nafshoseichem "that a person must protect his health," Niederman said in a press release of the Ministry of Health. "It is very clear that parents need to ensure that their children are vaccinated, especially from measles."

The Department of Health works with local healthcare providers, religious schools and orthodox newspapers to spread the word of the vaccine.

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