Why is the fear of combating HIV and AIDS is poisonous?


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The HIV / AIDS pandemic has been implemented since 1984 when the first case was reported in Kenya.

Through the creation of consciousness, the land no longer knows about the illness. Many people know about its spread and control mechanisms.

In addition, antiretroviral drugs reach millions of people when transfer between mother and child has helped to reduce infections in children.

Over the years, registered profits gradually diminish the stigma caused by the disease. Although some have won the stigma, many others are in denial.

Hardly on the guard, organizations and volunteers who oppose HIV campaigns are not just their usual approach, but they also have no skills to deal with such a delicate subject.

I am not sure whether policies aimed at disseminating HIV, exchanging or declaring and providing solutions, because a negative perception is a poisonous pill that only produces punctuous efforts.

First, sexual proximity is the choice. But there is a lack of confidence in making sexual behavior and choices that pose a risk.

Again, the more friendly choices of presence, such as the use of condoms, raises irresponsible behavior among sexually active people.

Changes in behavior and voice choices are indispensable for translating high-risk engagements.

HIV testing is voluntary in accordance with the HIV / AIDS Prevention Act 2009 Act. In addition to the privacy and confidentiality of patients, the Act also guarantees the protection of persons who are victims of discrimination.

In addition, in strategic plans, such as partner management systems, there is no clarity in implementing them in the so- Online without breaking the constitutional provisions.

Moreover, this approach could cause the expansion of electricity grids if they have been premature damaged.

Spiraling prevalence in age groups is the result of the policy approaches tested. Communicating and targeting blind groups only facilitates the transfer of prevalence to another group that is considered to be safer.

Public understanding is key to social commitments. If and when it has begun, their impact must be evaluated to prevent the boomerangs.

Otherwise, things of sexuality are complicated and difficult to machine. The only way to move from a load is to strategize less risky choices by designing strategies that provide solutions that do not cause fear. Adherence to the nerve infection is unjustified.

Again, the broad view that infected persons can only be a skinny and unsuccessful state of health is unfortunate, and it is therefore necessary to have more relevant relevant issues in mind, given the subject of sexuality.

We are dealing with gray areas that provide asylum to cynics. They have a question of disagreement, the confidentiality of doctor-patients, church confessions and miracles, especially.


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