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ALFONSO SIGNORINI / Video, reporter attacking competitors (Grande Fratello Vip 2018)

Alfonso Signorini confirms one last episode of the main characters Big Brother Vip 2018. The columnist is one of the competitors. From Alessandro Cecchi Paone who asks: "Who is the most goat?"Then the Signorini chatted to Marquesella, but Francesco Monteilla had a controversial argument about her alleged love affair with Giulia Salem, a story that the audience has constantly misunderstood outside the home, and then the reporter came back to talk about gay kissing and spelling out the former truncheon that he has fallen in the dive stage in the Kiss Saii theme. "It was an interesting and encouraging argument"Says Signorini, then there are some competitors who are according to the journalist Who, they are literally invisible inside the house. Soft as always, my Signor is not afraid to make his name. This is Andrea Mainardi, Martina Hamdy, Ela Weber and Benedetta Mazza. Who knows that, after Alfonson's vibration, he can not wake up and hunt his nails inside the house! (updated by Emanuele Ambrosio)

Criticizing Alfonso Signorini

Alfonso Signorini is in the middle of the new criticism of fans Big Brother Vip 2018. Some continue to talk about the silence that the columnist did not want to break into before the dispute between Ilary Blas and Fabrizio Corona, assuming that it is because he does not want to be on the side of the performer. In reality, Chi a Casa Signorin's leader was revealed just before the live battle and both had received clear orders from the upper floors of Mediaset. At the entrance to Corona's Casa Do not have to say the word and interact with Silvia Provved alone. Also for this reason, the double Giulia was confined to the rest of the structure in relation to the rest of the structure, perhaps in order to avoid the moment when the emotion decided to intervene in the living room. Mrs Missouri would not have intervened with or against Blas just because it was still based on the requests of the superiors who still forbade him.

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Alfonso Signorini, Big Brother Vip: Francesco Monte is his favorite?

Viewers are now safe: Big Brother Vip 2018 win over Francesco Monte and just because it's a favorite Alfonso Signorini. Immediately after the last confrontation, social media arouses the benevolent attitude of imagination, given Giulia De Lellis' explicit explanation last year. The comments were more than negative for Signorini, accused of using two weights and two measures in front of homophobia. That is why De Lellis's name has been outlined during the trend of Twitter during the night, and many expect Monte's different treatment. The Signorini would have taken too much into some of the sentences that the former trinity said ruthlessly between the kisses of two girls and the different way of thinking between the north and south of Italy. The sentences that have made a new scandal, but still see the Monte fans defending it with the sword are drawn. Homo friends who did not struggle to mention the defense of hypothetical homophobia were for her, but the most anticipated reaction was to Signorini. But it was not shame if you did not want to accept the climbing mirror.

Columnist Silvia Provvedi wins

Alfonso Signorini has its own theory of who wins Big Brother Vip 3. The name of the selected person, as Casa Signorini has revealed, is Silvia Provvedi. Fabrizio Corona's former girlfriend and pink Giulia Provved's double runner, Silvia would have every chance of getting into the finish without hitting her. It is not clear how he can recover from the silence that has surrounded him since he came to parliament. There are much more prominent competitors and conversations about social media in a positive way. However, the creditor's assurance can hide something else. A few Donatella could be victorious: so many of the European Parliament's competitors think so. The public who supports them admires them for their energy and pride, though such a quality would suit Giulia more than Silvia. That this is the reason for predicting Miss Signorini? We just have to wait for new developments.

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