Atopic dermatitis. Dupilumab is also available in Italy

The Sanofi molecule promises to improve the quality of life in adults who suffer from a serious form of the disease that does not react or tolerate cyclosporin. Studies are also being carried out to evaluate their efficacy also for children and adolescents and for diseases due to type 2 infections.

07 NOV – It is the first non-oncological biological drug that AIFA adds to innovative medicines. Dupilumab, available for a few months in Italy for the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis in adults, promises greatly to improve the quality of life of those affected by this disease. "For at least 20 years there has been nothing new in the fight against dermatological disease," he said Giampiero Girolomoni, At the University of Verona, Professor of Dermatology and Virology, today in Milan to present the drug organized by Sanofi – The therapies available so far were not decisive and could not be controlled for a long time because of their profile toxicity.

Dupilumab, however, promises to resolve the nature of the disease (especially severe itching and damage in different parts of the body) after the first dose. "We talk about subcutaneous injections every 15 days," he explained Antonio Costanzo, Head of Istituto Clinico Humanitas Dermatology Unit – The efficacy of the drug in the patient is 12 to 16 weeks, but the first significant improvements are known to many people who are ill after a month. "

mechanism of action

Dupilumab is a monoclonal antibody specifically designed to simultaneously prevent the signaling of interleukin 4 and 13 – the key inflammatory factors – explained Costanzo – This allows for rapid achievement and maintenance of significant improvements in atopic dermatitis in three dimensions: damage, itching and quality of life.

Treatment is intended for serious adult atopic dermatitis, where ciclosporin (standard therapy) is contraindicated, ineffective or non-tolerable.
Studies have also been conducted on the use of dupilumab in young people (12-17 years) with moderate or severe atopic rash and in children (6 months to 11 years) with severe form of disease.

In the United States, the drug has also been approved for additional treatment in adults and adolescent patients with moderate to severe asthma. Studies are also underway to evaluate their efficacy in diseases believed to be due to type 2 inflammation (such as chronic rhinotomy, nasal spray or hay allergies or peanut allergies).

Atopic dermatitis

It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that can occur in childhood but also in adults and the elderly. It is a complex disease that has a genetic component that affects an average of 5-8% in the adult population in moderate and severe forms. In Italy, more than 35,000 patients have been trained in specialist centers. Of these, 8,000 are affected by the serious form of the disease.

These two symptoms include itching and damage that affect a large part of the body and lead to deteriorating quality of life. "I have a disease since childhood and experienced exclusion and stigma," he said Simona Cremascoli, Andean Vice-President of the Italian Dermatitis Association – As we are going to do more and more of the patients' associations to make the voice of people with atopic dermatitis heard, their therapeutic needs are homogeneously achieved throughout the area and the pathology is recognized as invalid. With this new drug, we are witnessing unprecedented gargoyles and sharing, because we have the kind of hope we never had before. "

Michela Perrone

7 November 2018
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