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Diretta / Torino Parma (live result 1-2) streaming video and tv: shortens Baselli!


The first break between Turin and Parma ended, and the grenades that managed to open the match again before a break from Basell's magnificent goal, strong on the right side beyond which Sepe was unable to tackle. Barillà had previously been warned in the Parma rows, so the last time was all the garnet with a great initiative with Belotti 42, who served De Silvestri in an inviting location on the balloon but could not create the door mirror. Rincon's company had had no luck: Turin's Parma 1-2, Turin's home, Gervinho had 9 "Gialloblu and English 25", Turin has shortened Basell's trips in 37 minutes. (Fabio Belli)


Torino Parma it appears on the site straight tv in the Sky game, which is Saturday afternoon at 1.00 pm Subscribers are subscribed to Sky Sport Serie A (number 202) or Sky Sport 251 or live video streaming guaranteed through a site or Sky Go application.


In the first half of the season, Parma took the lead at Turin 2-0, Gervinho on the 9th and 9th in England. Côte d'Ivoire hit with nine big flickers, jumping between Izzo and Nouche Koulou to mock Central Toro. Doubting came thanks to former Chievo who took advantage of Galgiolo's favor and won Sirigu's first place by placing the ball under the lattice bar. At 12 o'clock, the grenades were a good option when Belotti got a few steps after the title of Basell, but by the time Mazzarr has so far been very few, and Parma's deadly re-launch has been able to hit and reach the important double advantage at the end of the first quarter. (Fabio Belli)


Just a few minutes away Torino Parmauntil the two teams arrive, we can still read the most significant statistics on the grenade corridor and Emilia in this Serie A. Grenade formation on the first few days of the championship is a budget that focuses on 16 achievements compared to 13 when the average ball control per game is just over 25 minutes when the number of games is 524 offensive and 116 conclusions, of which 61 ended up in Tor's door mirrors. The host team, on the other hand, presents a 10-goal victory and 14 games that hold the ball just over 19 and a half minutes per game and a total of 408 potential net opportunities, of which Parma has created a total of 79 conclusions, only 42 of which prove to be accurate by focusing on a big target. Now just numbers, it's time to think about the field: we read the official formations, then Torino Parma starts! TURIN (3-4-2-1): Sirigu; Izzo, Nkouolou, Djidji; De Silvestri, Rincon, Baselli, Aina; Falque, Soriano; Belotti. Available in: Ichazo, Rosati, Moretti, Bremer, Ansaldi, Berenguer, Lukic, Edera, Parigini, Zaza, Damascan. All .Mazzarri. PARMA (4-3-3): Sepe; Iacoponi, Bruno Alves, Bastoni, Gagliolo; Scotch, Fat, Barilla; Biabiany, English, Gervinho. Available: Frattali, Bagheria, Gobbi, Gazzola, Deiola, Siligardi, Ciciretti, Rigoni, Di Gaudio, Da Cruz, Ceravolo, Sprocati. All. D & # 39; Aversa.

Training Courses

Walter Mazzarri and Roberto D'Avers meet each other Torino Parma; a challenge between these two coaches, who naturally compare different generations. Former midfielder who has made his fortunes especially in Siena, Aversa has been able to train at Lanciano Serie B almost immediately after the retirement of football (with the same Abruzzi) and then he was a great architect of two consecutive campaigns. Luigi Apolloni at the Lega Pro championship. Mazzarr's great result is maybe another series with Serie A Napoli, which is certainly not today, and who had come into contact with the Champions League quarter finals during the previous season; His record also has an extra rescue with a strong punishment Reggina and the Uefa Cup qualification with Sampdoria, and if we want with Inter, it has failed to give everything that company expects. (Claudio Franceschini)


Story Torino Parma it is full of encounters, but since the Reformation, the two teams have not met each other for three and a half years. They will have more than four if we only hold matches in Piemonte: the last of these at the end of October 2014 was the victory of Giampiero Ventura, Torino, who painted with Matteo Darmiani in just 10 minutes. There were grenades in both games at the championships, but in the past they have always struggled with Parma: Gialloblù has won here for the last time in October 2012, 3-1, signed by Nicola Sansone, Amauri and Aleandro Rosi. In order to find the last victory at home except for the aforementioned, we have to return to December 2001: coach Giancarlo Camolese, Marco Ferranten, in the first half of the decisive goal. Among the drawings pyrotechnic 4-4 was presented in February ten years ago. (Claudio Franceschini)


Torino Parmaas we have already said, it is live by Davide Massa, a member of the Imperial Arbitration Court. In the afternoon, the referee will be on the side of the match manager at the Olimpico-Grande Torino stadium, while Tolfo and Tasso and fourth man Giua will be responsible while Chiffi will be held by Var and Lo Cicero will be Assistant Avar. Davide Massa has already given a total of four Serie A games this season without ever having crossed the two competitors at Turin Parma. During the season, Mass was thus the third day in a match against Sampdoria 3-0 in Naples, where he had six yellow cards. On average it should be noted that the Ligurian whistle never lowered the five yellow cards in the competition, while there is still no punishment for the current championship.

Time and presentation of the game

Turin, Parma, straight by judge Massa, is played 15.00 this afternoon on Saturday, November 10, and is one of the twelfth days of the Serie A. At the Olimpico Grande Turin stadium in the capital of Piemonte Turin and Parma they are faced with very different classification situations, but certainly with different design moments. Turin Walter Mazzarri is really good, as evidenced by last Sunday, where peremptory 1-4 of Sampdoria's Marassi has returned to Gallo Belott's goal. Grenade, 17 points, so the target to fight in the next edition of the Europa League does not seem to be negative even if the competition is full and fierce. Parma Roberto D'Aversa, on the other hand, has 14 points, a good sacrifice recently promoted that is now considered far away in the hot area of ​​battle rescue: a good start of the season might have sparked hope in order to fight something more but of course already a silent rescue would be excellent for a team lately convinced less.


Let us now consider the probable formations of Torino Parma. Walter Mazzarr must take into account the rejection of Meité, on the other hand, Soriano should drop 3-4-1-2 grenade, even though the three-legacy hypothesis, Zaza and Iago Falque and Belotti, the latter two trusted owners after the Ferraris show. The Defense Forces reinforce Djijdi and Ola Aina as the left-wing midfield. For Parma, Barillà has been recruited and replaces the abandoned Stulac midfield. Forward saw English from the start, but still has a relay with Ceravolo since the former Chievo does not have 90 minutes of legs. To take into account the numerous absences due to injury that prevent Munari, Dimarco and Sierra.


The forecast for Turin Parma is to look at the quotas offered by the Snai Agency. The recommendations are all for the hosts, in fact, Turin's victory sign 1 is proposed to be 1.45, while already the tie and thus the sign X will rise to 4.25. In the case of Parma coup, in this case, 2 characters would pay 7.25 times the stake for those who believe in Emilia's chances.

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