Sunday , August 1 2021

Fabrizio Corona and Asia Argento are also "challenging" Fedez and Ferragni

Asia Silver and Fabrizio Corona they are ready to unload the throne of society Chiara Ferragni and Fedez? A fresh, fresh love story in paparazzi between the former king and actor and director has stirred up so social media is crazy where users have been captured by commenting on gossip news.

In short, bread tooth Facebook and before everything Instagram, where "Ferragnez"There is now a risk of shaking and falling under the Asian and Fabrizio attacks that have started to send love messages after the cat began Instagram.

For example, Corona has released her stories Asian Argento video that sings and dances "All eyez is for me". In addition, Corona itself produced its brand t-shirts printed "All eyez is we", an honorable love story that had just flourished. The phrase that appears in all of their Insta stories.

And the actor's answer did not really wait for reportage in his stories that describe Fabrizio Corona's photo and with a message that has no doubt "I want to be with you" ("I want to be with you") who has a lot of heart to summarize everything.

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