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Fabrizio Corona, sensational decision in prison: announcement

The announcement that everyone was waiting for Fabrizio Corona is his lawyer Ivano Chiesa, who has been following him for years

Live the life of Fabrizio Corona
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Good news about the prison he currently has Fabrizio Corona: ended his hunger strike. This was announced by the defense lawyer Ivano Chiesa who spoke Telelombardy: “He finally listened to what I said, physically he’s recovering.”.

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However, what is always worrying – and what lawyers rely on – is the state of mind of the paparazzi. Same mother as Fabrizio Corona, live a Live – It’s not D’Urso, brought certificates issued by various doctors who had the opportunity to encounter Fabrizio.

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Fabrizio Corona has listened to the petitions: now he is waiting for appropriate treatment

Fabrizio Corona

Fabrizio Corona also upheld the appeal Adriano Celentano that he had asked him to end the hunger strike, that he would be fit for prison, and that he would soon get out of there. Fortunately, he decided to quit alone about 20 days after his recovery. However, Fabrizio he wants to get the right treatment for his illness, especially bipolar and limited personality disorder.

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Paparazzo’s mother explained thoroughly Barbara D’Urso which bothers his son and has also revealed that the latter attacked him, albeit defending and justifying him with his personality disorders. Paparazzo has always behaved very carefully: lawyers rely on this. The issue also creates a strong media case The state of Italian prisons.

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