Friday , March 5 2021

Famous 2019 / Giulia De Lellis and Ignazio Moser island in Honduras? Latest rumors about the cast

Despite the new oneThe famous 2019 island still missing a few months, rumors of potential light, rising daily. Reality shows are performed again Alessia Marcuzzi who had already confirmed his presence a few weeks ago. At the moment we do not know who could support it in the studio after the last issue of Mara Venier (definitely passed by Rai and Domenica In) and Daniele Bossari. Uncertainty also with regard to the Delegation. first today, emphasized Lorenzo Flaherty's name, and then Francesco Arca was born. Although ex-gieffino has never disputed, the former trinitarians of men and women have practically taken the public step back to deny this hesitation that his audience wanted so much. At this stage, any names that come to Honduras are still "on the high seas", just stay in the topic. So we know the latest rumors about it.

The famous 2019 island, the latest rumors of the cast

Which characters are stayingThe famous 2019 island? According to the portal 361Magazine, could arrive in Honduras Giulia De Lellis and Ignazio Moser. Former girlfriend Andrea Damante was scheduled to attend a few years ago, but because of her weight (she was too thin) she had to give up. This is the right time to see it in Honduras? On his side could be Cecilia Rodriguez's boyfriend. Giulia and Ignazio In the Big Brother House, Vip had become very friends after a long battle, and two are now being cleared to restore good conditions. In addition to these interesting names, other interesting rumors have emerged in these days, here is a list of all possible connections. Antonio Andrea Pinna, Fariba Tehran, Akash Kumar, Rodrigo Alves (Ken Human), Wanda Fisher, Claudio Sona, Yola Berrocal, Antonella Mosetti, Justine Mattera, Purple Valentino, Gegia and finally, right Giulia De Lellis and Ignazio Moser.

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