Fincantieri signed an agreement on a cruise ship in China


(Teleborsa) – Managing Director of Fincantieri Giuseppe Bono and the mayor of Baoshan, the city of Shanghai Fan Shaojun they signed i contracts mainly related to cruise operations, but also shipbuilding and shipping, as part of the areas launched by China.

The signing was held by Deputy Prime Minister, Finance and Labor Luigi Di Maio and Cassa depositi e prestito Massimo Tononi,

In February 2017 Fincantieri, CSSC and Carnival Corporation announced two cruise ships, the first of which was in China for local markets,the concentration is a key industrial area "explains Fincantieri, who explains that 70% of the total value of a modern cruise ship today is realized through procurement.

The Baoshan area offers finance, taxes, trade and government buildings, land and other resources, also taking into account the possible solution of foreign companies introduced by the partners.

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