"I'm sorry, I'm not a robot"


Higuain's erroneous punishment. Getty

Higuain's erroneous punishment. Getty

Coaches often exaggerate. "We have five finals in front," they say in the press room, although in reality they are simple matches with three points. But this time, Gonzalo Higuain, the great former Milan-Juventus championship must have been a serious end. About how Bianconeri has loaded him with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. How he approached this game a week of passion when the explosive back had been k. Udine just 7 days ago. No, it was not just a three-point competition. For him, just for him, it was final. Pipit has a great cross for him: he, the finale, the cigarettes all or almost bare.

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Having to deal with "Cagnacci" like Benatia and Chiellini for an attacker does not have to be a trip to the park. If you are not 100%, and when only 8 "of your team goes downstairs, who knows what the frustration is, Higuain dies, reverses the balls he faces in front of them, loses a couple of contrasts, starts a pair of reboots that will not lead anywhere, then flicker. , which makes Benatia "frozen" in the hand, Icy, because she is almost dead, Morocco maintains Mazzoleni's life, whistling (only with Var's counseling and traveling), but does not bend her second yellow nose, whether it is there or not, a Moviole material. he may be confused by Pipita, who in the meantime steals the ball from Kessie's legs, this penalty belongs to him even though he has not been named a shooter. dives right and just deviates enough to send the ball off Ouch ouch ouch. Once again they lie about eleven meters. Like the last Chile in the America's Cup.

What is serataccia? The tips are already two: Mandzukic's goal, the intensity is thrown into nettles. Higuain tries to level it up. And Gattuso is also associated with Cutrone, to give him a hand. Move the balance (friend Leo stayed on the bench, afterwards did well …) to oppose Juventus-like fighter equipment. Benatia and Chiellini no longer give anything, on the other side Cristiano Ronaldo, a place that has stolen the place, marks 2-0. Partita off a bit "for everyone, including San Siro, who does not sing anymore, but not for him, Higuain is final because others do not and will not give up because he has no other day waiting for you. but he has now left the 5th-and-now-born in Brest, France, but "Garra" is a well-trained River Plate, slipping in front of the referee, taking a red card but continuing. I have to take it off, almost to tears, as happened to him last year in Udine, Naples, when his expulsion for the demonstrations ended the hope of Sarr's championship, Gattuso prays that this time is not so decisive, and there are still 26 days at the bottom. …

Late in the evening, Higuain's black Sunday best play. Microphone out of the field. The worst player but as a man who asks for forgiveness of mistakes. "I want to apologize to the team, Gattuso and the fans for my attitudes." Judge knows what I told her, and I take responsibility for what I did, it does not have to happen anymore. " Benatian error, he kajasi against me, and warned me that the judges understand the beating for a moment, I'm not a robot, I'm a player and I'm the kind of person who knows a lot of feelings … then I have not been an example for children, and I'm sorry former my companions of solidarity? I had a good relationship with them, they know what feelings they feel in the field. Yes, it was a match with different emotions, I admit it. I had given everything to Juventus jersey. I thought Szczesny would not move earlier. He said he knew me. I really do shoot him always so, but he was very angry and he wanted a huge parade to take him. her. "


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