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Lele, the train is overwhelmed by the theft of theft

He died on a vacuum cleaner and a mixer. This was the thief's thief, Emanuele Real, who was the Deputy Chief of Carabiner's staff at Caserva's operational kernel, started running on Tuesday night. When trying to reach it climbed above the railroads, slipped wet on the track and passed on to the passers-by. He was 34 years old and everyone called him Lele. He was married and father of two girls. His tragedies hit Caserta, but also Cascia, the city where the Real family lives, and Rieti, where the non-ordering law was born. Those who knew him now say that "he was a hero", "who always thought of others". Uncle Father, Cascian MP Piero, reminded yesterday of the "absolute dedication" he had decided to use. "He never pulls back, so he was a hero in everyday life and he showed it in the last gesture."

On Facebook, colleagues' memory

The Karabiner wanted to honor him in an unusual way. On Arma's Facebook profile they remember him by quoting the famous song Francesco Guccini, "La locomotiva". "He died of a train attack by Emanuele Real, a boy of the parents who is not natural, is to cope with him, a man in the woman who needs air, his two daughters so small that they just do not remember … – the end to pay attention to Gucci's" even though it's just a story, but there's a line in it that reads: the heroes are all young and beautiful, Emanuele was young, as did the enthusiasm that led him to seek the offender, despite the consequences of the darkest section of the track, and it was as beautiful as his a brave act with a unique function. "


Everything begins on Tuesday morning with routine activities. Via Pier Paolo Pasolini, within the park "La Selva", the operational core Carabinieri blocks two thieves; Their car has "shop tools", two radios, a toy gun and a swimsuit: a vacuum cleaner and a blender. Two assistants managed to escape with another car, but they were quickly identified. The incident is that the evening will be challenged by Emanuele Real's patrol to Via Ferrarecce. One thief in the handcuffs immediately, one manages to flee on the foot towards the railroad. The Vice President launches the sidewalk, skips the wall, slides and crosses the local train that Piedimonte Matese left and directed to Central Naples. Terrible death in the eyes of colleagues who can not do anything unless he is losing death.

Salvi's message

The Chasing thief is still in the car. Arma's colleagues hunt him, they are sure they will find him. This is also a way to respect the poor Lele. The words of the leaders of the armed forces and institutions arrived yesterday. From Legion Campania, Maurizio Stefanizzi, Commander. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini also sent her condolences. Bellona's residents were close to the family where Emanuele lived with his wife and two daughters. The funeral will take place tomorrow at Piana di Monte Vera in Caserta, where Emanuele Real's wife is native. Captain of the capital, Carlo Marino, proclaimed the city's murder. "It is not just a formal act or obligation – he says – but the need to change the common sense of citizenship as a concrete one."

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