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"Let the young grow, excluded" tactical question "

Coach Roberto Donadoni, 55, currently has no bench. TRAP

Coach Roberto Donadoni, 55, currently has no bench. TRAP

"I do not think there is a real problem: it is true that we are in the implementation phase, but the invaders have proved to be strikers, and we must be patient also because the attackers use moments and then freed up.These conditions are acceptable because we are convinced that we have valuable players our staff, which we have to wait for. " Speaking of the "crisis" of national Roberto Mancini from the previous c.t. such as Roberto Donadoni, currently without a clue about his experience in Bologna. "Mancini makes the national team upgrading, adding players who do not have a permanent presence in their team's league – Donadoni explains" Radio Anch Sport, Rai RadioUno – You do not have to translate noses but grow them because experience is gained only on the ground. If the results do not come, we should not wait for the moon ".

not excluded
"Pavoletti – I do not think Mancini has rejected anybody, that is, he can not and can never destroy anything – adds Milan's former champion – may be that at some point there is a preference for some players, even for tactical reasons, without forgetting others but simply making a choice , you feel, who can better integrate into the blue group, but I am convinced that it neglects no one. " He also said he would like to double-play Jorginho-Verratin, remembering how midfielders should attend an offensive stage. And perhaps we have to change our attitude to Italy: "An error that we must not do is look at the past, both positively and negatively, and we must look at the present and work with skill and knowledge of facts, knowing that all our opponents are afraid of us. boring, we have good values, on the bench and on the pink ".


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