Sunday , May 16 2021

MILAN, 26. CHINA SFREGIATA / Prostitute punished by his lawyer: "So do not forget to pay more"

The Chinese was wounded in Milan: "So now you will not forget it any more" when these words the 26-year-old girl has known as apostrophic while the landlord throws his face into the bottle. This was the punishment he had chosen for him, guilty of not surrendering 40 thousand euros to his exploitant, the percentage of money he should have paid in relation to his activities as a prostitute. As Il Giorno reported, the events date from 23 September 2017 and more than a year after the attack on the 26-year-old standing scar, two men aged 35 and 28 were arrested for serious injuries and the exploitation and assistance of prostitution. In addition, a 30-year-old woman was arrested, which in turn was considered part of the recovery system and forced to stay away from home. This dubious "professional" who, according to researchers, could have leased for this purpose, lacks the material performer. (added by Dario D & Angelo)


She cut her across the face of the bottle for a 40-thousand-euro debt. The story comes from October last year, when a 26-year-old Chinese woman was a victim of punishment. The master was a protector-lover: he asked him for this amount as a percentage of the prostitute's activities to which he was involved in the victim. The chief arrested the representatives of the Mobile Group together with a man (both of the victims' compatriots) who had been involved in the Chinese tour of the Chinatown district of Milan. A woman who is still Chinese is forbidden to stay. Now, two detainees are charged, as Il Giorno has reported, accused of serious injuries and extortion, while only a prostitute woman competes with others. On the other hand, the aggressive material leader has not yet been determined with certainty.


The girl wears her torture in one of the three rooms in the room that was empty at the time. Two men held him steady when an unknown young man threw his face. All of the people involved in this story were part of a network where WeChat, "Chinese WhatsApp", used young women in relation to customers. The girl was punished for not paying her part of her income in Austria. So it reached the patron and punished in that terrible way. Two weeks later, he had made a complaint, so the researchers succeeded in identifying some of those responsible. The brutal attack victim had announced 20 strokes and the risk of losing sight of the eyes. The fourth man who is still trying can be the only one with a real criminal experience, but he can not be in Milan.

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