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Milan transfer market, in the search for Romagnoli Mourinho

Milan transfer market, Romagnoli-Sanchez exchange
Josè Mourinho © Getty Images

Milan still has to solve the problem of the future of Alessio Romagnoli. Defender likes England: change the hypothesis

A few injuries too much, poorer-than-usual performance and an internal hierarchy that saw him gradually behind Tomori e Kjaer: these are the main elements that characterize the Alessio period Romagnoli. The Italian defender’s contract expires in June 2022, reforming what is currently slowly coming. Milan he thus felt himself a hot potato that was difficult to control, which could lead to the early farewell of Captain Rossoner in the summer. Despite this year’s difficulties, Romagnol still has a market at Premier, as emphasizes Tottenham. Follow and interact with LIVE at the latest Calciomercato SUBSCRIBE on YouTube

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Milan Transfer Market, Romagnoli in Search of Mourinho: The Thought of Exchange

Milan transfer market, Romagnoli-Sanchez exchange
Milan © Getty Images

The Iberian portal highlights Josè’s will Mourinho bring to central London the center of Milan, which could be the perfect heir to Davinson’s Spurs Sanchez. The Italian defender may thus prove to be an interesting profile in the hypothesis where the same “Special One” had to continue the adventure Premier league.

However, as a starting point for Tottenham’s interest in Romagnoli, the possibility should not be ruled out that Milan could catch the ball to try it. exchange With Sanchez. Two talented and yet relatively young defenders who could try to return to their normal levels with a change of shirt. A team coached by Stefano Pioli in particular, he needs a new defender who can integrate the department in the best possible way also to return the Champions League which seems to be more than possible after 8 days.

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