Tuesday , April 20 2021

NYT reveals new privacy scandals and another major breach of security for users

The weekend begins with the fact that black could not be Facebook, once again in the midst of the Burning New York Times survey and exposed to an vulnerability that could have endangered the user's personal information: all without Zuckerberg would decide to attend a special call for proposals on November 27 for 170 million social network users.

New York Times has just released a new, explosive, research On Facebook, based on the hearing 50 witnesses, US Congressional Workers, Board Members, Lobbyers, Existing and Existing Leaders Social, To Show How Facebook he knew some critical questions and did nothingif not late, act – on the contrary – guilty of guilt and lobbying.

In particular, the article explains that Menlo Park was known Russian disorder US presidential election in 2016 for at least a year, given that already in 2015 "Project Propaganda"The supervisory team coordinated by former Alex Stamos had noticed how 100,000 dollars had been invested in social communications in Russia, and Stamos was told to be unclear in his online report, and it was decided Just do something on September 6, 2017. In addition, the company would have been immediately aware of the affair's business Cambridge Analytica, but he would have acted in a questionable way to "fix it": when Zuckerberg was forgiven around the world and promised improvements, his right hand (and operational director) Sheryl Sandberg he used communication and lobbying to deal with human hatred competitors (Apple and Google), fearing the long-term nature of the financier George Soros (eg a document emphasizing the economic links between the Open Society Foundation and the "Freedom from Facebook" critical group in order to avoid the possibility of restrictive laws being hurt by their own damages (eg honest advertising law). Needless to say Facebook's response has been negligible, acknowledging that some of the problems have been delayed, but since then much progress has been made. However, I expect that just last March when Tim Cook said that at least they would never compromise the privacy of people, which is considered a fundamental right, Zuckerberg has set his DO NOT use a number of Apple devices, choose those Android apps.

If that is not enough, the New York Times has shown how Facebook, do not know what has become of the personal information of users, used by smartphone manufacturers. As we know, Facebook started out with some businesses (the first 7, then 10 in total) to integrate its functions to share photo applications. The report requested by the Federal Trade Agency (FTC) PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that there was little evidence that Facebook had really verified that the behavior of these companies was compatible with the use of personal data. It is a serious fact that the report is in 2013 but in 2011 an agreement by which the FTC appealed to the Zuckerberg sanctions only by relying on it to protect privacy.

Another problem then arises, thank you security company Impervathat Facebook would have been a a bug that revealed it to the attack cross-site request falsification (p CSRF) to the disadvantage of users who browse chrome, they ended up in compromised sites that are still logged into the social network. In this case, the hacker uses a iFrame, could open a second business card in the browser that it drives targeted research on the victim's social network (works with certain terms, likes certain pages or bridges, photos or check in certain places), even if the information is visible only to friends. The error was announced in May, and immediately Facebook was activated in a remedial manner, but due to a specific problem for other sites, Menlo Park initiated an invitation to developers of the browser to continue with the introduction of preventive devices integrated,

November 27 in Westminster Canada and the United Kingdom, with the participation of Ireland, Argentina and Australia, who should have heard of Zuckerberg wrong information, counterfeit news, and privacy. Obviously, Facebook's CEO does not appear to be willing to attend: given what has just been born and knowledge of the facts is good.

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