payments will be paid on 1.1. starting at up to 15 euros


I am about 37 million ATM cards in Italy. And next 1 January 2019 they have a real change. Not as much shape as content and ability to use. In fact, starting next year, the ATM can even do online stores or pay honors. Not only that, but you can also connect it to your mobile phone and use the phone without making any payments without writing a PIN or password. Enter your own mobile phone number.

New Pay ATM service

As noted by Il Sole24ore, Bancomat SpA introduced a new service "Salone dei Pagamenti" titled "Pay Bancomat".

In practice, this new development of ATM cards gives them the opportunity to supplement the more traditional credit cards or indebted which up to now has been almost the only tool that could, for example, be used for online payments. According to what Alessandro Zollo, Managing director of Bancomat SpA, this is one strategic choice which aims at renewing ATM cards and strengthening trust and cooperation with credit institutions and thereby strengthening mutual relations.

A new service mechanism

As Zollo AD always emphasizes, the new service is based on the very simple identification system of the ATM card holder.

As mentioned above, in fact ATM can be connected to a smartphone and activated by typing your mobile phone number using the numeric keypad. This actually works a identification code debit card holder. To achieve this, the new technology was implemented in Bancomat SpA's computer system jiffi which is already used in Italy already 5 million customers. This innovation should further push the accelerator pedal electronic payments. In fact, Italy [VIDEO] as recent statistics show, it is still far from this point of view. In our country yet80% payments are reviewed cash down.

Fees are completely free of less than 15 euros

Alessandro Zollo, Director of Bancomat SpA, also explained that its purpose was to maximize the daily use of the bank by most people, our company would have decided to withdraw completely fees less than 15 euros.

If it is considered that the cost of keeping current accounts together with bank reimbursements is the expenditure most often affecting the current account balance, and that recently several banks have increased the cost of some of their activities, 60%, this is a good help. In addition, payments should in this way lead to both faster that safer.


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