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Preparation for the university: podium for high school "XXV Aprile" and "Guglielmo Marconi" – Chronicle


Preparing for the University, Science and Classical Ponteder (or in San Miniato) is the best choice: high grades for exams and fast completion time. To set it up is the edition of Educopia 2018/2019, a study by the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, the Torino Institute of Culture, which allows parents to find one click, which is the best high school near the home. At national level, extended research has also joined the institutions of our region and directed them to careful research. In short, Eduscopio provides a complete picture of how college graduates have approached the first academic year to get information on the quality of school supply.

For analysis – which has set a magnifying glass over 700,000 to 2013-2015 – we must focus on the method. Only for newcomers to universities the first parameter is the average maturity number. Then the average of votes: this refers to the numerical index in the thirtieth, which takes into account both the difficulty of the qualifications and the average number of votes received. And again, the number of credits received in the first year or the number of credits that a student has received as a percentage of the credits expected in the first year of the course. Finally, an indicator of reputable qualifications that illustrates how many instances the first time the student has become a diploma failed. If it is high, the school is inclusive and students usually have regular courses; On the contrary, the school is selective and students may experience failures more often.

With this database, Pontede's scientific high school "XXV Aprile" and San Miniato "Guglielmo Marconi" are the three highest high schools in three altitudes within 20 kilometers. In the middle grades of the university degree, the Italian students are the third (26.81), the overwhelming samminiates (27.25) and the prize pod of the famous "Ulisse Dinin" (28.46) Pisces. If the latter remains for the credits received in the first year, it is not the second and third place: the Pisa University goes beyond San Miniato, 79.34 percent to 77.16 percent. On the other hand, Pontedera's classmates have a lower percentage of scientific "cousins" (74.06), but the average (27.06). In addition, Greek is being studied, and the maturity score is the highest: up to 83.2 on average. In any case, a product that seems to be more than adequate for a university path.

With "Marconi" and "XXV Aprile" courses, students almost always make their own path in the planned five-year period. Declining or abandoning schooling is minor. However, it is not the same for all the other institutions in the region: the Pontedera High School is particularly distinguished "Eugenio Montale". The number of graduates who have passed a degree in humanities is slightly above 50%, while in the language studies it reaches 66.4%. The percentages are low even in the Cascina high school "Antonio Pesenti": in the scientific area 62.2%, while language skills 6

Eduscopio also examines how students who are not on the university path have taken the first steps in working life. The model of excellence in the area is Carlo

Cattaneo "San Miniato: the employment index or the proportion of those who worked for at least 6 months after the first two years of completion is 86.2%, behind the technical institute" Marconi "(55.7%) and" Fermi "and Pontedera (36 , 6%) –

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