Sunday , May 16 2021

Russia’s plan, shocking details (and reasons) – Libero Quotidiano

Return Mammoth to life to save the planet. It’s not the plot of a new chapter in the Jurassic Park saga, as Messenger also jokes when reporting on the news, although it has to be sworn that Steven Spielberg wants to go crazy and come up with a new masterpiece. And not a mad scientist project. All true, as they say: it is a very concrete study of a group of scientists involved in the fight against climate change. And the beast that lived ten thousand years ago, far from a “prehistoric” version of the current elephant, would be their ace in the hole.

A woolly mammal with huge and curved teeth could, in fact, combat global warming. Like? Once created in the laboratory, it would end up in the Siberian tundra again, preserving a highly sensitive permafrost (permanent polar ice layer), eating and keeping the vegetation of the Arctic tundra under control. This would prevent the release of greenhouse gases into the air, which is one of the triggers for climate change. With their disappearance, vegetation grew exponentially in areas that had previously been frozen.

The project to revive the mammoths begins from afar, the first draft is from 1996, and according to Russian geophysicist Sergei Zimov, the founder of the Siberian Pleistocene Park (actually the founder of the Jurassic Park, never imagined by man), we have never been so close to doing it. “The mammoth – he explained to the BBC – could be an added value to the rebirth of this ecosystem. Bison, for example, are very useful because they eat shrubs, small plants and tree bark.” But “4-foot bulldozers” are better able. The procedure is complicated: pick up DNA, create an embryo, fertilize an Asian elephant egg and wait 22 months. The cost of the operation? “Only” $ 6 million. A small problem: the settlement of the whole of Siberia takes 80 thousand heads, and there are not enough Indian elephants in the “surrogate mother version” at the moment. The researchers say the alternative would be an artificial uterus.

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