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Team Tasks, Goals and Records Napoli leveled 1-1 with Psg

Napoli makes another small step towards the Champions' Tour, stops at PSG 1-1 and returns to the top of the group in conjunction with Liverpool. The result that rewards in particular the great glamor of Neaples at the start of the recovery with Bernat signed by Paris, the Ancelott team, if arriving on an equal footing with PSG, gets a direct comparison. Liverpool's enchanting defeat in Belgrade with Red Star makes it even more desirable, at least on paper, the same for both teams. Which adapt. Napoli is playing comprehensively, without worry, without compromising anything. The Defense Forces In front of Ospina is the right-hand Maksimovic's ordinary stem. In median Hamsik and Allan with Callejon and Fabian wings, the attack pair formed Insigne and Mertens. Psg.

Cavani leaves the bench, Tuchel 3-4-3 predicts Verrate and Draxler's media, Di Maria, who often disassociates himself from the attack – two great names, Neymar and Mbappé – to assist his teammates in the building's game. But a Frenchman is an attack on a little trot. Napoli does not threaten anything at all (23 on the left side Mbappé will end soon) and occasionally frightens Buffon with a bit of anxiety when touching Mertens' penalty on Rui 24 and Insignie's turn shortly before the "gap," outside the PSG, however lying to sign the first half at the last minute. Kuipers gives a minute of recovery and continues to start Neymar to Mbapp, which is cut in the middle of Bernat and the ball on the net.

We will try Maksimovic's head – high – and twice Mertens, which forces Buffon's double ability. It seems that one in Naples, which is the first, boldly, in the rhythm. Callejon and Mertens can not find the goal of the two stages, Buffon is Fabian still wonderful, the French door looks embellished. But at the age of 17 you will be earned equal. Callejon waits for Buffon to spread it to the area: it's a punishment. From Insigne, he hits the right goalkeeper, who has not arrived: San Paolo explodes. Ancelotti launches to Zielins Fabian, Tuchel plays the Cavani card after fifteen minutes: Di Maria is in his place. Mertens also leaves the shoulder: inside Ounas. The rhythms return to the bottom and Psg rises again, which also gives us greater insight because Naples seems to have finished gasoline. 39 'Mbappè comes to a good position and is the last feeling of the game that closes correctly 1-1.


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