Monday , April 12 2021

"The Truth" by Davide Cervia in Yellow

(ANSA) – ROOMA, NOVEMBER 13 – Sergeant Davide Cervia disappeared
mysteriously Velletri 28 years ago: it was a
The kidnapping, it was stated, and recently the ministry
the defense minister was sentenced to replace family members
"violated their right to the truth". Conviction
symbolic of the euro payment, which the former government has
questioned. Now – ANSA learns – Minister Trenta is
willing to follow this petition and "to acknowledge
State faults, a family who deserves respect and
truth. "
Davide Cervia, originally Sanremo, would be 59 years old today.
Missed on 12 September 1990. Announced to the fleet at 19,
he becomes an expert on electronic warfare with qualifications
Ete / Ge. In 1984, he took a sergeant on leave. its
the disappearance is originally labeled as removal
but two witnesses stated that they participated
the kidnapping. The family immediately suspects that the scene is
due to technical and military information.

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