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Vecchioni duets on the Guccini album in the new album "L & # 39; Infinito" – Magazine

Roberto Vecchioni and Francesco Guccini (Ansa)

Milan, 7 November 2018 – Despite Leopard's title, & # 39; L & # 39; infinito & # 39; Roberto Vecchioni is a deeply optimistic album, the "resistance" album, which is decorated with the song's return Francesco Guccini.
A piece that combines two divine masters is devoted to the desire to live and win another frenzied optimist in the suitcase Alex Zanardi; is called "I'll teach you to fly" (Alex) and a professor to register it has risen in the mountains created and the microphone sets of guns and luggage throughout the afternoon of the kitchen Maestrone.

"It was a huge effort to pull off the bear after seven years that did not sing," Granted Vecchioni speaks to Gucci, known as Sanremo, thanks to the patronage of Tenco Amilcare Rambaldi, on a rainy day just like he found in Pavao. "It was raining, I came to Hotel des Etrangers and I saw him in the lobby massively, sitting on the armchair, he told me: I heard your beautiful song, stadium stadium and football match. "The lights in San Siro", so I replied: I also knew that you train which is divided and it is not bad. " She spoke naturally & # 39; Locomotive & # 39;.

"L & # 39; Infinito" Vecchioni needed Gucci. He wanted Gucci. . "Because he is a singer, not singer-songwriter met rainy day and we did not miss each other Thus, the face of these new songs I said to myself. Now I'm going on about bears, which is closed to make about ** or full-day, half-asleep, and stoned, because I went to his house and played him to listen to the book, and he, like Nero Wolfe, spread to the armchair, listened to an hour of music without a word, in the meantime I was trembling, and in the end she rose, came to me and hugged me.
The professor thinks that "I'm teaching you to fly" is the absolute rejection of Samarcanda. "He tells me: fate, I'll hit you when I want, who jokes if I can not run or go anymore: I'm learning to fly." The whole spirit of Zanard, in the moment when his cheekbones on his face, he cuts the winnings of London or Rio.

Albums (12 unpublished, and together singing Morgan) closes with Word, a mix of language loss to the pain of the bandolero disillusioned by time. "Ten years ago boys use 5 thousand words today only 600, our tongue dies". Painting in which the song of the song, the song of her song, still tries to be a part. "I'm talking about a man of all time, not what is happening now, and I'm going to show you a little bit of the centuries and centuries in the life of a person, I'm not interested in political and obvious," but a more concrete nod to the current context during the presentation of the album, themselves in their homes with their arms and do not send immigrants ".

Cultural resistance album, but also an analogue. "This is a record that can be bought in stores, it does not get in the air," Vecchioni says in his pride, his choice of independence from the traditional market situation made by Danilo Mancuso's producer. "We can not continue the lives of people, one song at a time, there is a red thread that combines these twelve tracks, on the contrary, it's just one long, long song that divides into twelve moments."

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