Tuesday , April 20 2021

Vodafone Special 10GB at 5 € per month with unlimited minutes and 10GB of traffic. Who is Rebellion?

Vodafone Italia continues in the desire to conquer the "heart" of new users by introducing bundled deals that are really interesting for price but also for content. After seeing the various Vodafone Special minutes of 20, 30 and 50GB of data traffic here, for those who are happy with the little, the Red operator allows you to give 10GB of internet Under 4G network at a price of only 5 € per month inclusive of unlimited calls.

Voafone Special 10GB

  • Unlimited minutes towards all national fixed and mobile numbers
  • 10GB of data traffic Under 4G network
  • COST: 5 € per month
  • COMPOSITE: Vodafone Pass Chat

Unfortunately, what emerges at the moment from the various reports that have been edited is the fact that the offer is only and exclusively to some users, so it can not be requested directly at the store or call center. As stated in the offer, who will have the Fortune to have it, nn Solo will provide bundle with unlimited calls and 10GB of data traffic, but also activation of Vodafone Pass Chat which allows you to not consume any GB of your bundle at the moment in which you will use the most popular messaging chats. Here are the applications that will be supported by Pass Chat, which is whatsapp (Moip, Voip, file transfer), Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Hallo, Hangout, Chat, Call +, Message +, iMessage, Imo.

Let us know in your comments if you have been lucky enough to receive this kind of offer from Vodafone.

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