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It is suggested that the interstellar celestial body "Parrot Aur" may be an alien spaceship on solar cells | Nico Nico news

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October 19, 2017 Panstars near land were found in 1 I / 2017 U1 (applicable articles)

This celestial body, also known as the Parrot Amu, is the first interstellar celestial body in astronomy observation history and subsequent follow-up studies revealed the size and shape of both the comet and asteroid properties. It was.

Interestingly, the speculation that it is a spacecraft running in the shape of stars is also flowing.

Harvard and Smithsonian Astrophysics Center in Shmuel Bialy's and Abraham Loeb's new study we are going one step further and parrot Amua can be the sun's sailing country of origin, that is, the sun sail It suggests.

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A suspect alien probe into that interstellar celestial body. Experts started the study.

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What we found so far

When it was first observed, it was 0.25 AU from the sun (1AU was the distance between the earth and the sun) and it was already about to escape from the solar system.

At that time it was confirmed that it seems to be running at high speed at high density (the possibility of being composed of rock and metal).

No signs of release of gas as it passes near the sun has been verified. On the other hand, a spectrum was observed, suggesting that there is more ice than previously thought.

After that, the last image of the pattern that began to depart from the solar system was depicted by Hubble Space Telescope, revealing that Parrot Amua does unexpected movements.

Image analysis revealed that it accelerates, unlike the forecast, that Parrot Amua will slow down.

The most likely reason is that the material releases the sun's heat from the surface and is pushed through it. This is also the behavior of the comet.

ESOcast 167: VLT sees "getting up to speed

Sun sailboat

But Mr Biary and Mr Robe question this explanation.

If "Aum Amua is a comet why did not give gas to timing when it approached the sun most?"

Further, referring to another study, if gas release is the cause of acceleration, there is a sudden change in rotation (which has not been observed so far).

In their opinion, "Parrot Amua is actually a sun sail, a spacecraft that causes radiation pressure," he says.

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The sun is sailing (sun sail) is a propulsion device that changes the propulsion power of a spacecraft reflecting stars such as sun, light or ions with a thin mirror that is a huge sail.

It leaves a breakthrough star-eye plan that is about 4.37 light years away from the solar system to the Alpha stars of the Centaurus seat that is about to send a spacecraft.

According to Robe, in order to achieve sunlight acceleration, the object thickness is "very thin as a fraction of a millimeter when it is 10 meters in size".

In this case, "it's lighter enough than the surface area and it works like the sun is sailing". As for its identity, it appears that natural objects (such as interstellar media and protoplanet plates) and objects (such as solar cells sent to probes) are considered.

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The imaginative view of the sun's sail spacecraft approaches Proxima b, where life is to be expected

picture Credit: PHL @ UPR Arecibo

Assuming this estimating shape, thickness, mass / area. It was also considered that this object can withstand the stellar universe of distance stress, stretch-induced rotation and tidal force.

As a result Solar Sail was able to withstand the galaxy, as long as it is a solid material of 0.3-0.9 mm. There is a place that largely depends on Parada Amua's mass space, but if it is thick enough it can withstand the space-filled dust and gas collision, even centrifugal force and tidal force.

Origin of parrot Amua and possibility of space archeology

Mr. Biary and Mr. Robe also support a number of hypotheses about the solar discharge from the outside in the solar system.

First, it is possible that it will not work, just by floating gravity and radiation. In this theory I can explain why radio waves were not detected in the breakthrough / listening plan.

Mr. Robe described this idea further in the "Scientific American" and explained that "Parrot Amua may be the first method discovered as an artificial relic in the Solar Space Universe".

Moreover, it seems that similar models, such as the Japanese IKAROS and the Star Attack Initiatives, which are themselves included, seem to be designed with human hands.

From this, Mr Robe argues that it is possible to set up a "new space architecture".

If we can find evidence that there is such an "artificially derived universe junk", can we properly answer the question "We are alone"? .

It "dramatically affects our culture and creates a new universe view of the meaning of human activity".

Mr. Robe tells "Universe Today" "Parrot Amua is an abnormal technology and can be an active device to explore the solar system. Like Star-shot technology, I hope to explore Alpha Centaur."

What about other spacecraft?

According to Robe, orbit 0.25 AU from the sun went to Parrot Amua is said to be a convenient way to cross the earth without excessive exposure to solar radiation.

In addition, it approaches the Earth from 0.15 AU. This may be due to changing the planned travel path to facilitate the aircraft.

In addition, there are also possibilities that countless shipments have been sent, and one of them is approaching to explore the globe.

The fact that the Parrot stars hardly found it when Parrot Amua was mostly on Earth suggests the possibility that there are countless probes that have not yet been found elsewhere.

Recently, some astronomers have come to the conclusion that the possibility that the solar system has received countless interplanetary bodies, such as Parrot Amua, is rich.

This opens the door to the possibility that interstellar solar shadows will occur (or overturn) through future discoveries.

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Imaginary image of a sun sail space ship IKAROS

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Andrzej Mirecki

The demise of Amoure's parakeid mystery leads to space technology

Naturally, no one Robe or Biary knows that Aum Amua's identity has a lot to do with unknown things.

And even if it is a natural rock, its mass-area ratio is much smaller than known comets and asteroids.

This fact and the fact that the pressure of radiation is likely to speed up the parrot Amua is that it is part of the thin classification of the new classification that has not yet been found.

If so, new questions will arise "a new question on how and where (or who) caused such issues".

It is almost a year after leaving the telescope's area, but Amua Auer will continue to be a major researcher in the coming years.

References: / scientificamerican / universetoday / written by hiroching / edited by parumo

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It has been suggested that the interstellar celestial body "Parrot Aur" may be an alien spaceship that uses the sun to sail

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