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Joanan praised his second consecutive victory in the "Football ZONE web" with clear footprints – Yahoo! News

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When winning Japanese confrontation with Kobayashi and winning consecutive winnings It was approved on weekends at week 11

Groningen's Japan national team MF Dodosanu gave second-place victory in the second row in the Eredivisie 12 in Melbourne Yerke Haynenfake, where MF Kobayashi Yuki is a 2-0 win. The regular media has also been praised one after the other by the brilliant controlled northwest and has been selected weekly for the eleven best.

He decided on his goal in the previous section, from the start of the match at Excelsior (4-2), bringing this speed to Heerenveen. In the first half, 38 minutes, when he got the right side, he breaks into the center and leaves his left leg as it is. Penalty shot Right shot shot that hits a goal from the top left corner with a beautiful arc.

"Dutch paper" Telegraph "said" Valmeldam's first goal and Douglas's great goal settled the team quietly, especially Douini's goal was adequately decorated in the photo frame. Hee Wen-Fen goalkeeper could not touch the shots that attracted a beautiful curve, "he acknowledged the sensational blow.

In the Netherlands, "Alfme · Dachabrat", it was better elected weekly in section 12 and placed 4-3-3 on the side. "7.5 points" are given for individual ratings and "Valmedarum and Douang have changed Groningen smoothly".

It is one of the best in the Netherlands to continue with amazing performances.

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