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"ParaFes 2018" 11 · 23 Holding Inagaki Goro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Katori Shingo performed on: Petty Electronic Version (Hokkaido Shimbun)

Inagaki Goro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Katori Shingo will perform on March 23. In the live-entertained "ParaFes 2018 ~ UNLOCK YOURSELF ~" (Mori General Sports Plaza, Musashino, Tokyo) held by the Japanese Paralympic Center (Parasapo) I decided to do it.

【Picture】 18 years Shingo Mama …… "Shingo mother" developed a new visual public

Three people were Special Provider of Parasaphus last year, after which they interact with many para-athletes. In July this year, he was appointed International Parlement Committee chairman at the request of Andrew Parsons at the request of the Special Parish of the International Paralympic Committee to the Paralympic Committee of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. This "ParaFes 2018", I am also a service navigator para athletes.

"ParaFes 2018" is a battle of athletes' breathing that is only visible here, and performances by individual artists. Entertaining a new look based on sport and music.

Cast shows include singer / songwriter Hata Hiroshi, singer May J., Rio 2016 Johnatha Bastos, pianist / guitarist who plays the voice with small hands and toes who have received attention in the Paralympic Closure Ceremony, Eiki Sakai, a blind primary school student who speaks of Mr. Kishi Kinoshita , who is also a blind vocalist with a great vocation for the performance of Japanese Stevie · Wonder, TV and events.

Para-athlete is a member of Shinoda Kano, Yukihiro Iwabuchi (Para Ping Pong), Ito Athlete and Yoshihiro Hoshino (Para Tekondo), Olympic Games, Ryo Miyake (Fencing), Masaharu Yoshimura (Table Tennis), I have decided (on 13 November).

Inagaki Goro, the "heroine", praised the great taste of Aspire to give President Maesawa?
【Full Body Shot】 Shingo Katori Shining Smile Flower Pattern Suit
【Nanato】 Inagaki · Kusanagi · Katori, inviting "the public" Atsuko Maeda "Ah-Chan!"
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【Picture】 Shingo Katori challenges the explosion! Show a cute suit

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