The Japanese national team MF Takehide Kubo (19), who moved to Hetafe, Spain’s 1st Division for a limited time, attended the online registration meeting on the 18th. He explained that he had moved from Villareal to secure the opportunity to play. He made his New World debut in a match against Elche 11. day and showed a game that made him feel awake. He also showed his willingness to play in the second half of the season, using unfortunate days at Villa Real as a source of food.

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The 19-year-old in Japan attracted the attention of the Spanish media. The questions flew in quick succession, and Kubo answered politely one by one fluently in Spanish. “There were other offers, but they trusted me from the start,” he told Hetafe. The interview was conducted at the club’s official Instagram, and nearly 500 supporters commented extensively.

This season, Spain’s second year, began at Villa Real. Although Kubo is currently struggling with 4th place in the league, Kubo could not drive the team’s strong wave due to a fierce battle for position with Spanish national team MF Moreno and others. At the meeting, he said in his own words, “I need to feel like a player and I need time to play. There is no other reason to change the environment.”

Hetafe, led by Boldaras, is known for his pace and defense. Do you feel able to adapt to your strengths in dribbling and technology? When asked, “I do everything that is missing from my favorite football in my life. Hetafe is a team that is hard to score for an opponent, but I have to work hard for it. I can do my best to help the team. I want to do it,” he promised to dedicate to team victory.

In a real fight without training in a game against Elche, I suddenly took part in two goals. “I feel confident. My friends help me and I feel comfortable,” he said. Hetafe have only submitted 21 league games this season. Next is the result that stays in the numbers and shows the ability again. (Correspondent of Tomoyuki Takahashi)