Saturday , March 6 2021

The 20 works that received the 2021 “Bookstore Award” were decided by Shigeaki Kato “Alternate”, etc. – ORICON NEWS

  1. 2021 “Bookstore Grand Prize” nominated 10 works, of which Kato Shigeaki “Alternate”, etc. Closed.ORICON NEWS
  2. The selection committee for the defeated Roof will be
  3. Naoki Award Selection, Kenzo Kitakata Shigeaki Kato reviewed “It was very unfortunate”[Video saatavilla]My Navi news
  4. Shigeaki Kato’s novel won the Naoki Prize, but it was highly regarded.Yahoo! -news
  5. NEWS Shigeaki Kato misses Naoki Award Ozaki’s worldview also misses Akutagawa Award “I’ll do my best again”Sankei Sports
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