Sunday , April 18 2021

"The Story Particle story, One Time Version" will be released soon in Steam-PANORA

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Bicycle base 8, VR dedicated communication mysterious adventure "The story of a stardom, a piece of version"The release date is coming soon (after November 22), the price is 2800 yen, and the corresponding VR goggles are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality.

It is a downloaded version of the same title developed by Forge Vision and released on PlayStation VR on January 26, and can be used to switch between audio and subtitles in Japanese / English. The following titles may be purchased to download content for limited 3-week periods (scheduled) from the beginning of the distribution.

· "Wallpaper of fragments, one piece version"
· "Star story story, single version" soundtrack
· "Story of Star Destroys, One-Parent Version" Sound-guided manuscript data
· Star star fragments until the story is in shape

● The story
The girl remains in the starframe. You can not escape or identify any other stars that are broken and lost their strength. However, there was a single point that could "disturb" the world from just one point where the coordinate axes of the world overlap. A single-point standing player can reach the parallel world by suffering a "device (VR system) capable of seeing other realms" that he gets and recognizes each other with the girl that it was. These two solve the mystery by cooperating and try to avoid returning their power by returning the star to its original state.

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In that case
In that case
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