20 women were arrested for robbery

20 women were arrested for robbery

[아시아경제 김민영 기자]Police arrested 20 men who used arms sexually assaulted women who met through smartphone applications.

Soul Gwanak's police station said on July 7 that Kim (26) was arrested under a special law on sexual exploitation for rape and murder.

According to police, Kim is accused of stealing a 20-year-old A woman who fell from his apartment to many family members at Shinlim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at 0:30.

The place where the crime was committed was revealed to Mr. A's house. Kim tried to plunder sexual violence, and A had reported swung the gun at home when he fled.

A was stabbed between the neck and shoulders and moved to the hospital, but fortunately he was told that he had no problems in his life.

Kim was arrested by a police officer reported to be reported. Coarse Kim infiltrated after the earthquake, police reported.

The police will investigate the crime and decide on the recruitment process.

Kim Min, a young journalist from [email protected]

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