Monday , August 2 2021

Lesson warning "Lee Jae-Myeong becomes Park Won-soon" – Kookmin Ilbo

Conservative opposition party Park Won – Soon, who participated in the Korean trade unionRight side) I strongly appreciated the Mayor of Seoul. "The president is sick and his policies are over." He warned that Lieutenant Governor Lee Yeung Provincial, Lee Jae-Myung, Mayor of Park, who is in trouble due to various suspicions.

Korea's Chairman of the Emergency Policy Committee, Kim Byeong-joon, said on May 18: "In the midst of renewed work, the Park has participated in the rally to extend the elastic working system," said Mayor of Seoul's ruling party, "The expansion of the flexible labor system is a consensus among the ruling and opposition parties. "

The ruling party chairman Kim Sung-tae said, "I'm going to the roof garden to try out the common people, and now go to union rallies, and I am also embarrassed to see if it is too blatant or premature looks like" I'm different than the moon Jaein-government, "he said." See Gyeonggi branch which is suffering from heavy politics and looks at the Gyeonggi branch. "

The leader of the future party, Sohn Hak-gyu, remarked: "It was a place we could not go to Mayor of Seoul."

Mayor Park was not alone. He said: "I am sorry that I am making policy and the end of the policy," he said, and aims to Kimi, which is on Facebook. "I hope I finish trying to kill Park Won soon,

Sung Woo Samin reporter [email protected]

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