Sunday , April 11 2021

Medical Pillar / Cancer Mortality 1. lung cancer, early screening is important

Korea Health Care Association Chungbuk National University

(Tong Yang Ilbo Shinbuk reporter) The most important symptoms of lung cancer are cough, sputum (thrombosis), dyspnoea and chest pain. However, it is known that about 5 to 15% of actual lung cancer has been diagnosed as an abnormality of a simple chest in a physical study without symptoms. Earlier lung cancer may be a bit of a symptom, and most importantly, the symptoms of lung cancer may be similar to most respiratory organs, such as colds.

About 75% of patients with lung cancer often report coughs, but smokers can easily skip cough because they think it is due to cigarettes. Therefore, if coughing and stinging persist, it is better to have special consultation. Squint (blood gangrene) is a symptom that can be a large number at the end of lung cancer, but since it is low in the beginning, it is imperative to have a specialist without taking into account a small amount.

As mentioned earlier, lung cancer can be confused with early symptoms of other diseases and in some cases it is important to find out quickly through screening. Simple breast x-ray is the simplest and simplest test to detect lung cancer expressed as a solid. However, simple chest x-rays generally require larger than 5 mm in size, so it is not possible to detect the piece until it reaches the scale. Sometimes the back of the heart, the periphery of the heart, surrounds the blood vessels, It is possible for a site to be created. Therefore, CT scanning has recently been introduced for screening for lung cancer in order to accurately determine tumor location and progression.

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