`Shaolin City` Park Sung Kwang, Song Myeong Director of Brother Beauty 뿜 っ ぱ (feat.


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The comedian, Park Seong-Kwang, showed his brother a picture of the director's office.

MBC entertainment programs broadcast in the tenth "Mind in the Observation" Park Sung Kwang and Song's Daily Manager were released.

Today, Park Sung Kwang invited Park's leader to stay at the KBS2's "Gag Concert" event. "I was worried that it would ruin this corner," he said.

I do not want you to let go, if you think of the comedian you're ready for, and your brother who decided to come up. "Sung-Kwang said," My brother is on your side. I think I do well, "" I do not care if I make a mistake, "and encouraged me.

But it was Park Sung-Kwang, who made a mistake on stage.

Nervous Park Seong – Gwang followed Ambassador Ambassador. Park Sung – Gwang showed his confidence and other aspects of his leader. As soon as I got back to the NG, Song was able to get on the stage with more pleasant faces and successfully finished the stage.

In a production group interview, Song said: "I could do it in a happy atmosphere because my brother gave me NG."

On the other hand, "Jeon Shi Shi" is a program to observe the hidden charm of the stars, watching the secret life that the stars did not know by reporting the problems of the nearest leaders and sending every Saturday at 11:00 in the MBC.

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