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SK appoints a new leader … "Synergy expectations director Yong Kyung Yup"

SK Wyverns, who has appointed a former chief of Yeonggyeongbyeon (50), has appointed Son Chahn as the new leader (48).

SK announced for the 15th day that it has appointed the former head editor Son Cha-hoo as Head of Division.

SK said, "The new CEO, Son Chihoon, greatly criticized his experience of baseball player and experience in the front row." I think he is the right person to do his job, as he has a good understanding of leadership and leadership and his reputation in baseball, "he said .

"Sohn has been able to communicate with athletes and instructors with the Head of Mission, and is expected to bring synergies in many areas with the new leader, Yonggyeong Lee."

SK, who won the Korean Series in eight years on December 12, announced that he was appointed a new coach for former team leader Kyung-Yeop Wing on July 13. The leader of the Korean series, Tracy Hillman, revealed his intention to return to the United States after the SK proposal was re-signed during the season.

Naturally, the free seat was filled with internal promotion. Son Chiho's appointment as a new head coach is also in line with the recent trends in favor of the leader. In 1993 Shin Chae-hoon, the new leader of the team, was named the Pacific Dolphins as the first group of Incheon. He worked as an attacker through Hyundai Unicorns and SK until 2001. After retirement, Son Chahnun has gained experience as an advantage in the SK team and observation team. From 2014 she served as the director of the business.
Sohn Cha-hoon, Director, said: I make every effort to make SK a prestigious club so that it does not become famous for the former directors who have led the team in good time. "

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